GIRL’S GENERATION Profile, Age, Debut, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

K-POPGIRL'S GENERATION Profile, Age, Debut, Real Name, Background, Net...

About Hyoyeon

Singer-songwriter, DJ, and composer Hyoyeon is a member of the SM Entertainment roster in South Korea. She is a member of Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG, the second unit of the girl group Girls’ Generation. She performs as HYO as a DJ.

In the hip-hop school in her area, Hyoyeon received her first official dance instruction when she was in elementary school.


BIRTH NAME: Kim Hyo-yeon

BIRTH DATE: September 22, 1989

BIRTH PLACE: South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’4″


Early Life And Career

Incheon, South Korea, is where Hyoyeon was born and reared. Her parents and younger brother, Kim Min-gu, make up her family.

Hyoyeon took part in a small neighborhood dance class as a child where she learned jazz, hip-hop, and latin dance. She started going to Winners Dance School in 1999, a renowned South Korean dance academy that taught hip-hop dance forms like popping and locking.

When Hyoyeon applied to S.M. Entertainment at the age of 11 through the S.M. 2000 Casting System, she passed her audition and was accepted as a trainee. She spent six years training for her career before making her debut. Hyoyeon admitted she had no plans to try out, but that her mother had brought her to the S.M. Entertainment headquarters in the hopes of seeing the boy band H.O.T. because she was a fan. She was sent to Beijing, China in 2004 along with her labelmate, Choi Siwon, to study Mandarin and gain more cultural knowledge.

Hyoyeon went to Chungbuk Middle School for her studies.

The Electric Boogaloos, as well as other renowned dance choreographers including Poppin Seen, Kwon Seon-jin, Shim Jae-won, and many others, also taught Hyoyeon how to dance.

Prior to her debut, Hyoyeon performed with BOA at the M.net Music Festival in 2005 as their silhouette dancer, worked with Janet Jackson, and was a member of the dance group Little Winners with current Miss A member, Min.

In the female group Girls’ Generation, which made its debut in 2007, Hyoyeon performs as a sub vocalist, primary rapper, and primary dancer. She is highly renowned for having exceptional dancing talent, garnering the moniker “Dancing Queen.”

Along with bandmate Sunny, Hyoyeon appeared in a cameo in the drama Oh! My Lady and appeared on the second season of Invincible Youth. With her partner Kim Hyung Seok, Hyoyeon competed in the second season of Korean Dancing with the Stars in 2011, finishing in second place.

Hyoyeon has made numerous television appearances and was a guest on Jessica and Krystal. Hyoyeon is also seen in the music videos for “Whoa Ah!” by VASCO and “Shake That Brass” by Amber, both of which also feature Taeyeon.

Hyoyeon Quick Facts

Kim Yeolsa (ten-year-old Kim) and Princess Fiona (also known as Dancing Queen) are some of Hyoyeon’s nicknames.
Her zodiac sign is Virgo in Greek.
She is of blood type AB.
She is 49 kg tall and 160 cm wide.
Hyoyeon is fluent in Chinese, Korean, rudimentary English, and Japanese.
Shopping and watching movies are her pastimes.
Soup and Korean cuisine are her go-to meals.
She prefers to dress in baggy pants and feminine shoes.
Despite not confirming it herself, she was said to have undergone plastic surgery.
Her sense of humor is fantastic.
She was given the appellation “Genius Renaming Center” since she struggles to remember people’s names.
Girls Generation’s top chef is regarded as Hyoyeon.
“Hyoyeon” is Korean for “filial abyss.” The term “filial abyss” is used to characterize a youngster that is either extremely obstinate, self-sufficient, and autonomous or extremely submissive.
In the Girl’s Generation Dorm as of 2021, only Yuri and her remain.

Hyoyeon Debut

On August 5, 2007, Hyoyeon made her public debut as a member of Girls’ Generation on SBS’s Inkigayo, where she performed their first single, “Into the New World.”
Hyoyeon Girls Generation’s SBS Inkigayo premiereopens a fresh window
Hyoyeon Girls Generation’s SBS Inkigayo premiere
The group performed “Into the New World” on their debut stage appearance on Mnet’s School of Rock on July 29, 2007.
South Korea’s Gaon Singles Chart was topped by Girls’ Generation’s debut single, which also sold over 100,000 copies.

Hyoyeon Net Worth 2024

In 2024, Hyoyeon’s net worth is anticipated to be in the $5 million range. This is partly because of her productive career as a Girls’ Generation member as well as her own endeavors as a singer and DJ. Additionally, she has made money via endorsements and appearances on variety shows.

Career in music: Hyoyeon has made a substantial fortune through her music career with Girls’ Generation. The band has performed widely and has sold more than 10 million CDs worldwide.

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