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STRAY KIDS Lee Know Profile, Age, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Lee Know

Lee Know, also known as Lee Min Ho, is a JYP Entertainment-affiliated South Korean singer and dancer. He belongs to the boy band STRAY KIDS.

Lee Know took part in the “Stray Kids” survival show while still a trainee.


BIRTH NAME: Seo Chang Bin

BIRTH DATE: October 25, 1998

BIRTH PLACE: South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’8″


Early Life And Career

Dancer and singer Lee Min-ho was born in Gimpo, South Korea, and goes by the stage name Lee Know. While little is known about Min-ho’s early years, Gimpo Jeil Technical High School in South Korea where he graduated is something we do know. After appearing in the singing survival show “Stray Kids” on television with JYP Entertainment in 2017, Lee gained notoriety. The Stray Kids K-pop boy group eventually hired him after he advanced to the show’s final round.

Since joining the group as a dancer and vocalist, he and his colleagues have published two studio albums, “Go Live” and “Noeasy,” as well as a number of extended plays and several popular singles. On a weekly music program that M.B.C. in South Korea aired in 2021, Lee was hired as the MC. The group’s second world tour, “Maniac,” which begins in 2022, will feature Lee as a concertgoer.

Additionally in 2022, Republic Records signed Stray Kids for a US resurgence. Since Lee’s career began in 2017, he has only begun to scrape the surface of what the future may hold. We’ll be closely monitoring his future actions and wish him luck in his endeavors to become a K-pop superstar.

Lee Know Quick Facts

He was created in South Korea’s Gimpo.
He is the sole child.
Education: Graduated from Gimpo Jeil Technical High School
Chan claims that Minho’s father is a worker in the furniture sector.
He began dancing while he was a middle school student.
He supported BTS’s dancers while they were touring Japan.
Lee Know served as a backup dancer in BTS’s “Not Today” music video.
Several years ago, Minho made an appearance on “Nat Geo” as part of his Cube Entertainment tryout.
Minho performed John Park’s song “Thought of You” during her JYP audition. (From August 13th, Lee Soo Ji’s Music Plaza)
He spent a year as a trainee.
According to reports, Lee Know has a 4D personality, which is unusual and entertaining.
Bang Chan claimed that Lee Know would utter meaningless words at random moments.
He speaks rudimentary Japanese and rudimentary English.
He has a 250/255 mm shoe size.
The ambidextrous Minho.
Minho is not a swimmer.
“A cute person who eats well,” was how he defined himself.
Minho is terrified of heights. (9th episode 2)
His repetitive tendency is to break his fingers.
Lee Know has the ability to dance his brows. Minho has a scar on his stomach from a procedure he underwent as a young child.
Minho enjoys stripes a lot.
He enjoys choreographing dances, going on hikes, and watching movies.
He enjoys watching anime as well.
Autumn is his favorite time of year.
His preferred shade is mint. Lee Know enjoys his ramen twisted (Ceci Korea). Spiderman is a favorite of Lee Know’s (Stray Kids Amigo TV, episode 1). (Episode 1 of Stray Kids Amigo TV)
His preferred style of dance is hip-hop.
The song “10 out of 10” by 2PM is his favorite. 2PM and Wonder Girls are two of his favorite musicians.
Jackson Wang is the subject of Lee Know’s partiality toward Got7. (Fansign)

Lee Know Net worth 2024

In particular, according to this source, Lee Know’s net worth in 2024 is predicted to range between $2 million and $5 million. He is one of the Stray Kids members with the highest earnings, albeit his exact income is unknown.

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