The Netizens Report is a digital and print serial that organises and publish valid surveys from internet users worldwide.

Internet usage over the last decade skyrocketed with over 50 per cent of the world’s population being active Internet users as it stands. A new decade has just begun where internet usage is off the charts all over the world with over 4.66 – 5.1 billion users recorded as of 2021. The Netizens Report has made it a mission to be the platform where people’s voices and opinions on the most popular topics are seen and heard, people from all over the world can share their approvals and disapprovals on any major topic all around the globe, centred around Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Celebrities, Fashion, Health And Many More.

The Serial is issued bi-annually, the mid-year issue and the year-end issue. Surveys and polls are run from January to December. For each of our issues, several surveys and poll results will make it to the digital and print issues which will be distributed globally and will be easily accessible to readers worldwide.

For each issue releases the most popular surveys, polls, personalities will be featured on the magazine cover and all major topics of interest are featured in the serial with press releases made to publicise how people all around the globe feel about the most popular topics of discussion, with sentiments and concerns made known to the public.


The Netizens Report

ISSN 2771-893X