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TEMPEST Hyeongseop Profile, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Hyeongseop

South Korean singer and actor Ahn Hyeong Seop is signed to Yue Hua Entertainment. He presently performs with the boy band TEMPEST. Hyeongseop first gained notoriety for participating in the second season of the popular survival show “Produce 101,” where he placed 16th. He debuted formally in 2017 as a member of the duet HyeongseopXEuiwoong.

Hyeongseop made appearances in online dramas before fading from view to focus on his training. He was scheduled to make his debut with the boy group TEMPEST of Yue Hua Entertainment in 2022.


BIRTH NAME: Ahn Hyeong Seop

BIRTH DATE: August 9, 1999

BIRTH PLACE: Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’8″


Early Life And Career

South Korean singer and actor Hyeongseop is signed to Yue Hua Entertainment. He is one half of the duo HyeongseopXEuiwoong and a member of the boy band TEMPEST.

On August 9, 1999, Hyeongseop was born in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He has a sibling that is older. In 2016, he started his training as a trainee for Yue Hua Entertainment.

Hyeongseop took part in Produce 101 Season 2 of the Mnet reality television series in 2017. Due to his 16th-place result, he was unable to make his debut with Wanna One, the winning group. He nevertheless became well-known thanks to the program and joined up with Kim Euiwoong, another participant from Season 2 of Produce 101, to form the band HyeongseopXEuiwoong.

On November 2, 2017, the single “It Will Be Good” from HyeongseopXEuiwoong made its debut. In January 2018, they issued First Love, their debut mini-album.

Hyeongseop and Kim Euiwoong became members of the boy band TEMPEST in 2022. On March 2, 2022, TEMPEST made their debut with the EP It’s ME, It’s WE.

Hyeongseop is renowned for both his endearing demeanor and his strong vocal range. He is also a talented actress and dancer. He has participated in a number of television dramas, such as “The King’s Affection” (2021) and “My Only Love Song” (2017).

In the K-pop scene, Hyeongseop is one of the emerging stars. He has a promising career ahead of him and is a gifted actor, singer, and dancer.

Hyeongseop Quick Facts

The principal dancer and backup vocalist for TEMPEST is Hyeongseop.
He was born in Gyeonggi-do’s Icheon.
His parents are his mother and father, and he has a younger brother named Ahn Seon Woo (born in 2006).
He earned his degree from Global Cyber University with a broadcasting concentration.
Hyeongseop covered Taemin’s “Danger” at the school festival when he was in the third grade of middle school. After his performance, he discovered that he was thrilled to be applauded for his dedication, and ever since then, he has wished to become a singer.
In 2015, he began working for Bighit Entertainment as a trainee, however he soon departed the company.
He then enrolled in Bundang’s ModernK Music Academy, where in May 2016 he was successful in the Yuehua audition.
He participated as a representative Yuehua trainee in “Produce 101 Season 2.”
He advanced to the final round of “Produce 101 Season 2,” however he was unable to make his debut because of his 16th-place finish in the final voting round.
The HyeongSeop & EuiWoong pair made their debut in November 2017 alongside fellow Yuehua trainee and ‘Produce 101′ contestant Eui Woong.
He is upbeat, considerate, diligent, and has a meticulous nature.
He occasionally wrote handwritten letters or lengthy, impassioned KakaoTalk messages to the folks in his immediate vicinity.
On stage, he excels in making effective use of face expression.
His small face, large eyes, and prominent nose are the qualities that make him stand out the most.
He smiles, revealing Indian dimples.
Some fans even gave him the moniker Judy (after the rabbit character from “Zootopia”) since they thought he looked like a rabbit.
In trainee voting during the “Produce 101 Season 2” broadcast, he came in sixth place for appearance.
He is a huge Disney movie fan.
Girls’ Generation and SNSD have long been favorites of Hyeongseop.
His favorite films were “Girl Who Leapt Through Time” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”
Hyeongseop enjoys watching occult films and television shows.
Cheese is his food of choice.
He used to detest carrots, pears, shikhye, and noodles but now he enjoys them.
He avoids spicy pork since he dislikes the food.
He had a passion for the visual arts and made it a hobby to visit art exhibits; he even has a blog where he writes about his experiences.
He enjoys surfing the web, painting, and listening to music.
Roses and cherry blossoms are two of his favorite blooms.

Hyeongseop Girlfriend

There is no information on Hyeongseop of TEMPEST having a girlfriend right now. There haven’t been any current reports about him dating anyone, and he’s never officially acknowledged any relationships. It is likely that he is dating someone and is just keeping it a secret because he is extremely discreet about his personal life. But there’s a chance he’s single as well.

Since the 2022 premiere of TEMPEST, Hyeongseop has had an extremely active career. The trio has gone on a lot of tours and published two albums. He is very active on social media, with more than a million Instagram followers. He frequently writes on his blog about his job and his interests, but he never discusses his personal life.
If Hyeongseop has a partner, it is likely that she will respect his privacy and be open to keeping their relationship private. If he decides to open up more about his personal life to his supporters, only time will tell.

Hyeongseop Net Worth 2024

In 2024, Hyeongseop of TEMPEST is expected to have a net worth of $1 million. He began working in the South Korean entertainment sector in 2019, when he made his debut with the boy band X1. Hyeongseop joined the brand-new boy band TEMPEST, which made its debut in 2022, after X1 split up in 2020.

Hyeongseop’s earnings as a K-pop idol account for the majority of his net worth. He is paid a salary by his record company, Yuehua Entertainment, and he also makes money via sponsorship deals, live concerts, and the sale of products. Hyeongseop also has a personal YouTube channel with more than 100,000 followers. On his channel, he makes money from advertisements.
In the years to come, Hyeongseop’s net worth is anticipated to increase as a rising star in the K-pop sector. He is well-liked and well-known for his talent and charm. He is a multifaceted artist that can dance, sing, and rap.

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