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WINNER Hoony Profile, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Hoony

A South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and choreographer by the name of Lee Seung-hoon, also known by his stage names Seunghoon and Hoony. He is a part of the Winner boy band from South Korea. He participated in the inaugural season of the television singing competition K-pop Star before making his debut and came in fourth.

On August 17, 2014, he made his WINNER debut with the lead singles “Empty” and “Color Ring”.The group’s second enlistee, Seunghoon, did so on April 16, 2020. His release date was January 15, 2022.


BIRTH NAME: Lee Seung-hoon

BIRTH DATE: January 11, 1992

BIRTH PLACE: Dongnae District, Busan, South Korea

HEIGHT: 6’1″


Early Life And Career

South Korean rapper Hoony, formerly known as Seunghoon, is also a singer, composer, and choreographer. He is the main dancer and rapper for the boy band WINNER.

Hoony was born in Busan, South Korea, on January 11, 1992. His older sisters are two. When he was in primary school, he began dancing, and over time, he joined the Honest Boys dance group. He participated in the auditions for the inaugural season of K-pop Star in 2011, placing fourth overall. Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment, was alerted to this and signed him to the label.

Hoony competed against five other trainees to join a new boy group under the YG Entertainment banner on the survival show WIN: Who Is Next? in 2013. He, along with Jinu, Mino, and Seungyoon, were among the four trainees chosen to make their acting debut in WINNER. With the release of the album 2014 S/S on August 17, 2014, the group made their public debut.

Hoony has contributed to the writing and production of a number of the songs performed by WINNER. He also serves as the group’s primary dancer, and he is renowned for his dynamic performances. Hoony is well-known in the fashion world as well, and he has been in a number of publications and runway shows.

Hoony has undertaken solo endeavors as well as involvement with WINNER. He made his debut as a solo artist in 2016 with the track “I’m Coming.” Along with these musicians, he has also worked with Lee Hi, Akmu, and Epik High.

Hoony is a gifted and multifaceted artist who has significantly influenced the K-pop sector. He is an important member of WINNER, and his solo career will no doubt be successful as well.

Hoony Quick Facts

Hoony relocated to Seoul after finishing high school.
Due to his father’s overseas employment, they seldom ever got to hang out. He doesn’t want to make the same error again when he has children in the future.
This K-pop singer participated in the Korea’s Got Talent auditions as a member of the dance group Honest Boys.
He created the dance moves for G-Dragon’s flash mob.
He is fluent in Japanese.
The rapper frequently fantasized about joining YG Entertainment because of his rooftop room’s proximity to their building.
He has a talent for freestyle dance.
He enjoys exploring new places and reviewing restaurants.
The WINNERs logo with a cosmic motif is tattooed on Hoony. The tattoo is an expression of appreciation for WINNER’s Inner Circles supporters.
He wants to pick up the game of tennis.
Yoo Jae-suk is a favorite of his, and eventually he hopes to snap a photo with him.
A Chihuahua named Lee Hee and an Italian Greyhound named Haute belong to this idol.
Because they both have dogs, he shares a dorm with Yoon.
The Busan man is really interested in fashion. He accompanied Mino to the Burberry fashion show front row in London.
He once tore his pricey tight pants at a performance by WINNER in 2016. Since then, he performs while sporting baggy pants.
In January 2019, Hoony had a special appearance on Running Man on SBS.
He enrolled on April 16, 2020, to serve in the military.
His ideal match is a stylish individual. Additionally, he would adore a person with a strong personality and the capacity for independent thought.

Hoony Girlfriend

Winner Hoony, whose true name is Lee Seung Hoon, has never made a girlfriend known to the general public. He’s even admitted in interviews that he’s never had a girlfriend. I’ve never had a girlfriend,” he admitted on the May 22nd broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show.” I have little interest in dating.

Hoony and Hoony have been linked in some rumors in the past, however these claims have never been confirmed. He was allegedly dating the actress Moon Ji Hyo in 2018, but YG Entertainment refuted these claims.
Therefore, as of right now, there is no proof that Hoony is involved in a romantic relationship. He has his eye on his career with Winner and is unmarried.

Hoony Net Worth 2024

Winner Hoony is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from South Korea. He is well known for both his solo work and his involvement in the hip hop collective Winner. As of 2023, Hoony has a $1 million net worth.

Hoony’s music career and endorsement deals are what bring in the most of his money. One of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea, YG Entertainment, has him under contract. The two solo albums he has released, “2014 S/S” and “2016 S/S,” have enjoyed financial success. Hoony is a part of the group Winner, which has produced three studio albums and garnered a lot of recognition.

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