Top Picks: Best Mobile Phones Under $500 for Value and Performance

TechnologyTop Picks: Best Mobile Phones Under $500 for Value...

If you had entered the same query in 2015, you’d have come up with limited options and those too with fewer features in 500 USD.

As I am writing this article, thanks to the evolution of tech and the internet, we have tons of options for mobile phones under $500 that might leave you baffling about choosing one.

That’s where I come in with a list of the best mobile phones that can be purchased under your $500 budget. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into them.

Google Pixel 7A

If you want a phone that takes the best pictures, has a fine performance, and has a supreme software experience, the Google Pixel 7A could be a match made in heaven for you.

Powered by the same Tensor G2 chip as its elder brother, 6.1 inches diagonally OLED display, a 64MP main shooter with 13MP ultra-wide, and there is a 13MP selfie camera. This one has almost the same features as that of Pixel 7. This phone has everything that one might need.

Speaking of the design, it is much more refined than last year’s Pixel 6A. Frankly, I hated that horizontally long glassy camera bump. With a metal frame, Pixel 7A looks sleek and nice.

All in all, Pixel 7A is a great phone for under 500 bucks.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

I know, some might think that this is an old phone and might lose software support in the future. But it is the best value phone and the best phone in the Samsung Galaxy A great series according to the price.

Samsung has been known to put underpowered chipsets in their affordable options. But with the A52s, it wasn’t the case like that. The said mobile phone housed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset – the processor falls under the top three in Qualcomm’s 7 series. That powerful chipset was coupled with a RAM that can go up to 8 gigs and made an overall fine experience.

Speaking of which, the mobile phone is one of the best for gaming in that price range. I have used it myself for gaming and there were no lags.

The phone itself handled heavy games at max graphic setting perfectly and with a reliable home WiFi such as with Xfinity Internet supports mobile gaming more effectively. Xfinity is termed one of the most dependable ISPs in the US with superior network security, flexible plans, and responsive customer service that is available 24/7 to serve you effectively at Xfinity phone number.

Let us circle to the cameras now. The main camera has a 64MP lens that is optically stabilized along with a 12MP ultra-wide, and 2MP macro and depth sensor. The latter two are a waste in my opinion as they didn’t add value to the photography aspect.

Apart from the mediocre build, the phone is a really good option for under $500.

Apple iPhone SE

The phone hasn’t been built for everybody but it’s going to be a good pick for people who prefer handiness over ultra and pro features. In 2024, there aren’t a lot of mobile phones available in this size.

With a 4.7-inch OLED display the phone has an old but still refined Apple design with the power of the latest mobile phones. The phone has one of the most powerful chipsets available in the market now at this price point. You can get it for around 400 bucks.

Speaking of the cameras, or should I say a camera, it is good. However, it lacks the latest bells & whistles like night mode, ultra-wide photography, and more. For a single camera lens, it’s good enough thanks to the post-capture processing that really makes the photos look catchy with accurate colors. The 7MP selfie camera is just okay, not great.

iPhone SE will be perfect for users with older iPhones of the same size but not for any Android user in my opinion. So, go for it if you have been an iPhone user.

Google Pixel 6A

This Pixel phone from Google was released in 2022 but still has enough power, fabulous Google cameras, and above all a price that can save you money for a pair of earbuds (and still save) if your budget is around $500.

You can get a Pixel 6A for around $350. The phone has the first-gen Google Tensor chipset same as the most expensive Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Being the first-gen, it has some issues and later it was resolved through software optimization.

Taking cameras in the discussion, 6A has two camera lenses: ultra-wide and a main shooter. Though the megapixels are fewer than what’s currently trending in the market, they still are enough for Instagram-worthy photos, thanks to Google’s software-powered photo refining.

The only downside I see is a 60Hz OLED panel that might sometimes feel not-so-smooth. Other than the refresh rate, the phone is the best one that doesn’t cost a dollar fountain.

This ends the list of the best phone we have under 500 USD and will be worth the money. You can use our interactive platform to talk about these phones in the comments or even suggest any that you have in this budget.

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