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NCT Xiaojun Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Xiaojun

Chinese singer-songwriter Xiao Dejun, also known as Xiaojun, is from that country. He was born in China’s Dongguan on August 8, 1999. On July 17, 2018, Xiaojun debuted as an S.M. Rookie and took part in the Chinese survival show “X-Fire”.



BIRTH DATE: August 8, 1999

BIRTH PLACE: Seoul, south Korea

HEIGHT: 5’8″


Early Life And Career

When XiaoJun joined SM Entertainment, he first entered the music business. In July 2018, he joined the SM Rookies idol trainee program.

This Leo dude joined WayV, it was announced in December 2018. The group is a branch of the boy band NCT with a base in China. They are managed by Label V, the Chinese division of SM Entertainment.

In January 2019, XiaoJun made his debut with WayV. They released the song “The Vision” as a digital single.

It features three songs, with Regular serving as the main single. All tracks appeared on the Billboard World Digital tracks top 10 chart.

This accomplished singer teamed up with Kun to create WayV’s first sub-unit. In June 2021, they released the Back to You single album.

Xiaojun Quick Facts

His eyes are open when he sleeps.
Green is Xiaojun’s preferred color (17).
He enjoys drinking green tea a lot.
YangYang sleeps on the first deck of their bunk bed, while He sleeps on the second.
He enjoys making music, watching movies, eating continuously, and reading.
Xiaojun’s preferred number.
He always talks about health yet constantly consumes munchies.
He enjoys playing games. 12 8. He constantly has YangYang as a playmate. He writes songs.
His entire list of favorite dishes all have a green tea flavor. He enjoys drinking green tea lattes and eating green tea cake and ice cream.
He has piano, ukulele, drum, and guitar skills.
He appreciates strong flavors.
Xiaojun wants to direct movies, especially ones in which he stars. Additionally, he has a dream to produce a film set in his hometown because he has many fond memories of it.
Paris is Xiaojun’s preferred city.
He has a lot of optimism.
He has a high EQ (5/16).
According to him, he frequently develops a fever and has a lot of body heat. To lower the fever, he consumes a lot of snacks. YangYang complains that he uses the bunk bed too frequently, especially at three in the morning.
XiaoJun complains that YangYang’s computer is bothersome because it is large, and YangYang agrees.
Jack from the movie “Titanic” is my favorite fictional character.

Xiaojun Family

All of Xiaojun’s teammates are close to him, but he is especially close to Kun, Doyoung, Ten, and Winwin. These four team members, who are all from China, became good friends when they were in South Korea for training. They have even worked together on music.

They are frequently pictured together in interviews and variety events.
The NCT community adores Xiaojun, and his family is very supportive of him. At his performances and events, they are always there to support him, and they are always happy for him.

Xiaojun Net worth 2024

It is unknown what Xiaojun from NCT is worth in the general public. His net worth, however, has been estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. This is based on the money he makes from his music career, endorsement deals, and other endeavors.

NCT has had Xiaojun as a member since 2016. He is a part of the group’s WayV and NCT 127 sub-units.

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