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EXO Lay Profile, Age, Wife, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Lay

A Chinese singer, composer, record producer, dancer, and actor by the name of Zhang Yixing, also known professionally as Lay Zhang or simply Lay. As a member of the boy band EXO and its Chinese sub-unit EXO-M, he is most recognized.

Lay made the announcement that he has left SM Entertainment but would still remain a part of EXO on April 8, 2022, via his social media sites.


BIRTH NAME: Zhang Jiashuai, Zhang Yixing

BIRTH DATE: October 7, 1991

BIRTH PLACE: Changsha, Hunan, China

HEIGHT: 6’1″


Early Life And Career

When he was just six years old, Lay had his first encounter with the entertainment business. He was cast as Huan Huan in the 1998 Chinese television series We The People.

He gained greater notoriety in 2005 when he participated in the Huan-based TV program Star Academy. He was able to finish in third place overall.

When SM Entertainment hosted worldwide casting auditions in Changsha, Lay participated. He was accepted into the organization in 2008 after passing the audition.

In 2012, this Libra man made his debut as an EXO member. He sang songs in Mandarin and primarily catered to the Chinese market as a member of the EXO-M sub-unit.

Lay debuted with the group in 2012 with the release of the EP Mama. It peaked at number two on the Sina Album Chart and at the top of several Chinese streaming services.

Up until the release of the EP For Life in 2016, he contributes to a number of other studio albums and EPs.

The Changsha man then concentrated more on his solo career in mainland China after that. In 2016, he made available his first solo song, What U Need?

The next year, Lay released EP Lose Control as a follow-up. He participated in the creation, composition, and arrangement of all six Mandarin tunes on the EP.

This excellent singer has been in a number of movies over the years. This includes appearing in the 2017 Indian-Chinese action movie Kung Fu Yoga alongside Jackie Chan.

The Island, a 2018 Chinese fantasy comedy, has him in another significant role. He was cast in the major part as Xiao Xing, a sea bus passenger who became stuck on an island.

Both critically and commercially, the movie was a hit. Lay’s performance was likewise highly praised.

Due to a clashing schedule, Lay had been inactive with EXO for years before making a comeback in 2021. In Don’t Fight the Feeling, he participated.

The EP sold over a million copies in just eight days and peaked at number one on the Gaon Album Chart.

Lay Quick Facts

Place of residence: Changsha, Hunan, China.
He is a single child.
He was formerly a popular local child star in China.
His blood type first looked to be A, but a further test revealed it to be AB.
Education: High School of Hunan Normal University
He enrolled in the SM program as a 16-year-old in 2008.
He can speak English, Korean, and Chinese.
Having a 4D personality, Lay.
Specialties: piano, guitar, and dancing.
He was meant to be the EXO-M group’s leader, but Kris was chosen instead.
He may be somewhat mischievous but yet has a lot of great humor at times.
He is EXO-M’s “umma” of cooking; even when there is nothing to do, he will prepare a meal.
His favorites include snacks, fast food, and whatever he cooks.
Leo (VIXX) (Star Show 360) is a celebrity with whom he recently made friends.
He founded his own charitable organization, the Zhang Yixing Arts Scholarship.
Due to scheduling conflicts with his promotions in China, Lay missed out on a couple comebacks, beginning with “KoKoBop” promotions with EXO.
Lay is the first ambassador of the Milka company in Asia and the Pacific, the first ambassador of the Converse brand in Asia, the first ambassador of the Perrier company in China, the first ambassador of the Valentino brand, the first ambassador of Huawei Nova, and so on.
He performed in the web drama “EXO Next Door” in 2015.
He performed in the following Chinese films: “Ex Files 2: The Backup Strikes Back” (2015), “Oh My God” (2015), “Kung Fu Yoga” (2017), and “The Founding of an Army” (2017).
His acting credits include “The Mystic Nine” (2016) and “Operation Love” (2017) in Chinese dramas.
The Idol Producer’s MC is Lay.
Lay is listed as the 18th most attractive person on TC Candler’s list of “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.
His busy schedule in China prevents him from taking part in the present promotions. He started his own entertainment business, Changsha Chromosome Entertainment, in December 2020.
Emojis used as examples: Lay stated on April 8, 2022, that he was terminating his 10-year employment agreement with SM Entertainment. No information has been provided about his potential future actions as an EXO member.
Cute and obedient people are Lay’s ideal kind.

Lay Wife

Lay Zhang has never been wed. There have never been any reports of him being in a relationship, and he has never publicly dated anyone. A Twitter user made a false news report in 2020 claiming that Lay was wed to a woman named Jade, but this was swiftly refuted.

On a Chinese variety show in 2016, Lay was asked to marry by a fan, but he declined. He claimed that at the time, he was not prepared for marriage.

Lay Net worth 2024

The estimated net worth of Lay Zhang, best known by his stage name Lay, as of 2024 is $10 million. He is a Chinese singer, songwriter, businessman, dancer, and actor. As a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO, he is best recognized.

Lay’s music career accounts for the majority of his net wealth. He has three solo albums out and has worked with a number of other musicians. He has also played leading roles in a number of movies and TV shows.

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