What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in New York?

NEWSWhat Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Car...

Effective communication is a vital aspect of any relationship, and this holds for the arrangement between a lawyer and their clients.In the legal aftermath of a car accident, finding the right lawyer will protect your rights and ensure you receive fair and just compensation.

An experienced New York Car Accident Attorney possesses the ability to listen attentively, communicate clearly, and promptly respond to your inquiries. A lawyer can effectively advocate for your rights and inform you about your case’s progress regularly. 

An initial consultation with an attorney can help potential clients understand their legal rights and obligations. An Initial consultation provides accident victims an opportunity to speak to lawyers who have experience in cases like yours. 

Questions To Ask A Car Accident Lawyer 

It is essential to write down questions and concerns you have regarding your car accident case. Try to get a clearer understanding of the legal process. 

Questions you might consider asking a car accident lawyer during a consultation include: 

  • In what areas of law do you specialize?
  • Do I have a worthy case?
  • What is my car accident claim worth?
  • In which of the twelve judicial districts in New York do you handle cases?
  • Are there time limits within which I must file a lawsuit against the party that injured me?
  • Will my case be settled out of court, or will a lawsuit be filed? 
  • I am partially responsible for causing the accident. Do I still have a valid claim?
  • Who makes decisions about accepting a settlement or taking the case to trial?
  • Will the insurance company harass me during my accident case?
  • What can I do to maximize the settlement value of my claim?
  • Will my posts on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram be under scrutiny and used against me in a lawsuit?
  • How long will it take to resolve my case?
  • Will my case go to trial? 
  • Do you have trial experience? 
  • What is mediation? 
  • What do I have to do to prepare for mediation?
  • What damages can I recover for my personal injury claim?
  • What will you charge to handle my case?
  • Do you offer “contingency” fees? 
  • How do contingency fees work?
  • What is the law firm’s track record?

Contact A Car Accident Lawyer In New York City 

At Gregory Spektor And Associates, we will talk with you to determine the most effective way to communicate when you have questions. We will also let you know which staff members know about your case. That way, you can reach out to our team when in need. 

Our law office regularly informs clients of any case progress or developments. 

The experienced attorneys at our New York City Personal Injury Law Firm build positive and collaborative relationships with our clients. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries and damages due to the negligence of a driver in New York City, talk to an experienced car accident lawyer in New York immediately.

At Gregory Spektor And Associates, we have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of New York state personal injury laws to put behind your car accident case. 

Reach out to us to schedule your free initial consultation. 

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