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Ultimate best all-time scoreline comebacks Comeback Stories

When people say soccer is the best sport of all time they don’t lie. I have recently been on a quest to get into “football” and on my journey, I have been going through some of the best soccer scores of all time and watching how they played out. One of my favorite things to watch is a team come back from a losing position to win and some of the comebacks I have been watching made me an instant fan of players and sent me down a rabbit hole of soccer trivia.

Aguero and Manchester City’s Iconic Win

In typical fashion for some of my pages, I am going to preface this by saying that this isn’t one of the best all-time scoreline comebacks. The actual scoreline and the teams that were playing would make this a fairly impressive comeback but one that would be forgotten usually but this isn’t a usual time. This is the best scoreline in soccer history. This is the game that made me a fan. The most iconic goal in soccer history arguably and one that is the face of the biggest league in the world. The “Agueroooo” moment as it is known, needs a bit of backstory 

The Backstory

Man City and Man United were in a heated title race that was going to the final day and all Man City needed to do was win to secure their first-ever Premier League, and as the game came into its final minutes they were losing to QPR, a team who were fighting relegation at the time. Man United had won their game and were mathematically champions and City looked like they had lost it. The Magic happened. 

The Magic

The ball was swung into the box from David Silva off a corner and the Bosnian giant, Edin Dzeko, got his head on it to make the game even again. Then, in the 92nd minute, the ball came forward. Balotelli received the ball and gave it to Sergio Aguero. Then it happened, the most iconic moment in soccer history, something that a live football betting fan can dream of, in the 93rd minute, Aguero scored the goal that got City their first title in over 60 years. A true soccer moment that will be remembered forever. 

Barcelona Topple French Giants

Now onto more traditional comebacks and scorelines that are more related to the scoreline side of things. This is the best scoreline comeback of all time. Of all the games I have watched this is the one that I remember a lot, even though technically it is two games, but that doesn’t really matter right now. 

The First Leg

PSG was building a very strong team and trying to secure the Champions League trophy that eluded them for so long. When the draw was announced, PSG VS Barcelona caught the attention of a lot of soccer fans and felt like the game to watch. When the first leg was played people expected a tight affair but instead, they got a drubbing from PSG. The first leg ended 4-0 and it felt like it was over for Barcelona and it felt like PSG was the team to beat. 

The Second Leg

After the first leg, the Barcelona manager had a press conference where he gave one of the most iconic lines in soccer history stating “If they can score 4, we can score 6” and that is what they did. The game started with a quick goal from Luis Suarez and the smell of hope rang around Camp Nou. Before we knew it the Catalans had made it 3-0 and everyone felt like they had a chance until disaster struck when Edison Cavani scored for the French side and put a damper on what felt like a special night. Then, it all started to fall into place, until all Barcelona needed was a late goal and the most unlikely source stepped up when Sergi Roberto poked the ball past the German keeper, Kevin Trapp, and solidified the night as one of the best the sport has ever seen and I am glad I went onto this soccer journey so I can see events like this. 

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