TEMPEST Hwarang Profile, Age, Military, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

K-POPTEMPEST Hwarang Profile, Age, Military, Real Name, Background, Net...

About Huarang

Hwarang, also known as Song Jaewon, is a South Korean singer and dancer who performs for Yue Hua Entertainment. He belongs to the boy band TEMPEST.On October 25, 2018, Hwarang (then known as Song Jae Won) made her debut as a performer on the Under Nineteen performance team. After finishing 32nd overall and 11th on the performance team in episode 12, he was eliminated.


BIRTH NAME: Song Jae-won

BIRTH DATE: April 23, 2001

BIRTH PLACE: Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’11”


Early Life And Career

Song Jae-won (Hwarang), a South Korean singer and dancer signed to Yuehua Entertainment, was born on April 23, 2001. He belongs to the boy band TEMPEST.

South Korea’s Gyeonggi-do province is where Hwarang was born. In 2017, he started working with DSP Media as a trainee. He took part in the reality competition Under Nineteen in 2018, when he finished 32nd overall and was eliminated in episode 12.

Hwarang moved to Yuehua Entertainment from DSP Media after Under Nineteen. On January 3, 2022, he was introduced as a TEMPEST participant. On March 2, 2022, the group released their debut EP, It’s ME, It’s YOU.

In addition to being a gifted rapper and songwriter, Hwarang is well known for his dance abilities. Alongside Hanbin and Wooseok, he is a member of the sub-unit TEMPEST BLAZE.
Hwarang is a gifted and adaptable performer who will undoubtedly become a rising star in the K-pop sector. I’m interested to see what he does in the future.

Hwarang Quick Facts

The primary rapper and dancer for TEMPEST is Hwarang.
He was born in Gyeonggi-do’s Euijeongbu.
His mother, father, and older brother make up his family.
Hwarang received his high school diploma from Cheongdam.
As a representative trainee for DSP Media, he participated in the survival show “Under Nineteen.”
After “Under Nineteen” came to an end, he transferred to Yuehua Entertainment, where, after around two years of preparation, he made his debut as TEMPEST.
He contributed to the drafting of the lyrics for four songs on the TEMPEST first album.
He is regarded as the team’s mood setter with Hanbin and infuses the group with life through his vivacious demeanor.
He has a charming appearance, but many perceive him as a respectful Confucian boy.
He even used honorifics frequently and greeted the members at a 90-degree angle when he first met them back when he was a trainee.
Before learning that they are the same age, he had a formal conversation with LEW.
Hwarang is a considerate individual.
He has a face like a fox.
Although he is not a picky eater, he has trouble with coriander.
Although he joined the club somewhat late, he made his debut after spending two years with his current agency, Yuehua, and six years in training at DSP Media. In the team, he had the longest training regimen (a total of eight years).
A fox is his official emoji.
His unique abilities include producing the sound of a rice cooker and long-distance basketball dribbling with any finger.
He enjoys collecting shoe boxes as a pastime.
In terms of MBTI, he is an ENFP.
His credo is “A life with conviction and a center within me” and he goes by the monikers Sweet Song and Rang-ie.

Hwarang military

Hwarang, a member of TEMPEST, has been spotted in a number of the group’s teasers sporting gear with a military theme. Because of this, some fans have conjectured that he might have a military past. There is no proof of this, so it’s possible that he’s just a fan of the look.Hwarang is depicted in the teaser for the group’s first mini-album, “It’s ME, It’s WE,” sporting a military-style jacket with a camouflage design. He also sports a military-style cap in the song “Bad News” teaser.

Hwarang’s real name is Lee Hwi-jae, and several admirers have noted how it sounds close to the Korean term for “military,” “gunmu.” This has increased the rumors that he might have military experience.It’s also conceivable that Hwarang like the look of military garb in general. Even those without military experience want to dress in ways that are inspired by the military.In the end, only Hwarang himself is certain of his background in the military. However, his outfit selection in the group’s teasers has undoubtedly generated some intriguing speculative ideas.

Hwarang Net Worth 2024

It is still too early to predict Hwarang’s net worth in 2024 because they made their debut in January 2022. They will probably have a sizable net worth in the years to come, though, given their popularity and the success of their debut record.

The musicians who make up Hwarang are all gifted and seasoned, and they already have a sizable fan base. Over 100,000 copies of their debut album, “The First Step: Chapter One,” were sold in South Korea. Both the Gaon Album Chart and the Billboard World Albums Chart were also topped by the album.Hwarang’s net worth is anticipated to increase as they continue to perform and create music. They could rise to the status of one of the greatest K-pop acts ever.

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