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STRAY KIDS Seungmin Profile, Age, Sister, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Seungmin

South Korean singer Kim Seungmin is signed to JYP Entertainment. He performs as the boy band STRAY KIDS’s lead vocalist. While his bandmates affectionately refer to him as Snail, fans affectionately call him Sunshine.

On March 25, 2018, Seungmin made his Stray Kids debut with the release of the mini album I Am Not.


BIRTH NAME: Kim Seung Min

BIRTH DATE: September 22, 2000

BIRTH PLACE: Seoul South South

HEIGHT: 5’10”


Early Life And Career

On September 22, 2000, Seungmin was born in Seoul.

His grandfather introduced him to baseball. He worked arduously toward his dream of playing baseball, but he was forced to stop due to an injury and other issues. Even so, he has enjoyed singing since he was a young child.

He participated in a nursery rhyme competition in the fourth grade of primary school, took home a trophy, and joined a choir. In middle school, he considered “music” as the thing he should do to be happy, therefore he studied and practiced singing to impress his parents.

When he spent three months in Los Angeles, he picked up English.

On February 14, 2019, he received his high school diploma from Cheongdam.

In order to become a better lead vocalist a few years ago, Seungmin looked outside of JYP Entertainment for his own voice coach. He participates in Voice Tuning accompanying I.N.’s singing lessons.[

He was scheduled to deliver the opening pitch for the Lotte Giants on May 8, 2023, in Busan, but the game was abandoned due to poor weather.

Seungmin competed in JYPE’s 13th Open Audition while still in high school, encouraged by his buddy and fellow JYP trainee Lee Daehwi, and finished in second place. In March 2017, he joined JYP Entertainment.

His involvement in the upcoming survival show Stray Kids was formally announced by the corporation on October 13, 2017, at noon, along with his individual photograph and name. Seungmin would make his debut with the boy band Stray Kids, it was announced on the final episode of the competition on December 19, 2017.

Currently in 2018: Stray Kids
As the Stray Kids’ vocalist, Seungmin made his solo debut on March 25, 2018, with the mini album I am NOT.

He served as a fixed MC for the English-language programs After School Club on Arirang TV from July 24 to December 25, 2018 and We K-pop on KBS World from July 12 to October 11, 2019.

After Woojin left the group on October 27, 2019, Seungmin assumed the position of lead vocalist.

He has been releasing covers as part of the SKZ-RECORD web series on a regular basis since 2020.

On October 10, 2021, he released his first solo OST (“Here Always”) for the drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” and on October 20, 2022, he released his second solo OST (“Close to You”) for the drama “Love in Contract.”

The “Best Artist of K-Drama OST” category for “Close to You” at the 2023 Top Ten Awards was nominated for him.

Seungmin Quick Facts

Seoul, South Korea, is where he was born.
Seungmin has a sibling who is older.
He is a student at Cheongdam High. (180422 SK-Talk Time)
His members have given him the nickname “Snail,” and his admirers have given him the moniker “Sunshine.”
Even though he only studied English in LA for three months when he was in the fourth grade, he speaks the language very well.
Chan was Seungmin’s senior and they both attended the same high school.
After finishing in second place at JYPE’s 13th Open Audition, he joined the group in 2017.
Seungmin never skipped a day of keeping his workout logs, unlike other trainees. (Show “Stray Kids”)
He believes his plump left cheek to be his most endearing feature.
He wears 260/265 mm shoes.
His pastimes include eating, listening to music, and journaling.
He is an early riser.
He keeps the group the cleanest.
He receives the most taunts out of all the group members.
Autumn is his favorite time of year.
Eggs are his favorite food.
Seungmin adores strawberries and oranges in particular.
Purple is his favorite color. (Based on the vlive broadcast of his birthday)
Activities he enjoys doing on vacation include snapping pictures while donning animal costumes.
Running around in hot weather is something Seungmin dislikes doing when on vacation. He also has trouble digesting spicy meals and will start perspiring heavily.
Seungmin plans to experiment with gloomy ideas in the future.
The jacket Seungmin donned for his JYP audition is still in his possession.
When Seungmin was in fourth grade, he threw the opening pitch at a professional baseball game for the SK Wyverns. Escape Cultwo Show at Two O’Clock In high school, Seungmin and Lee Daehwi of Wanna One grew friends. Le So Ji’s Music Plaza
DAY6, Kim Dong-ryul, and Sandeul from B1A4 serve as his role models.
He claimed to have many doppelg√§ngers, including actor Lee Jangwoo, Day6’s Wonpil, and actor Park Bogum. (Sings in Seoul) When he was little, he wanted to play baseball.
His preference for Baekhyun of EXO is that he collaborate with him on a song.T

Seungmin Sister

The other Stray Kids member with an elder sister is Seungmin. But like the other members of the group, his Sister is largely unknown.

Seungmin Net worth 2024

The range of Seungmin’s net worth is between $1 million and $2 million. Based on his income from his musical endeavors, solo projects, and endorsements. He is one of the Stray Kids’ most well-liked members, and his solo endeavors include the publication of a solo song, “Maze of Memories,” and participation in a number of variety shows. Additionally, he has provided brand endorsements for SK Telecom, Sprite, and Smart Uniform.

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