Skirting the Issue: 5 Tips for Seamlessly Slaying Day to Night in Knits

Beauty TipsSkirting the Issue: 5 Tips for Seamlessly Slaying Day...

We’ve all been there – rocking a cozy sweater skirt while clocking those nine-to-five hours, feeling all put-together and essentially like the office version of a baddie. But then the workday ends and ugh…what’s a knit skirt-loving girl to do? Go straight from spreadsheets to a spicy date night or ladies’ night out without looking like she got caught in the middle of an outfit change? Read on the tips to effortlessly transition from day to night in trendy knit skirts.

Fear not, my cozy-chic friends! With just a few simple styling tweaks, those same trendy knit skirts that saw you through the day can easily upshift into total après-hours showstoppers. Stretchy, soft knits lend themselves to major versatility if you just get a little creative. Check out these boss tips for transitioning your knit skirt ‘fit from beans to bambs:

1. Take it Up a Notch

While a slouchy, oversized sweater or flowy knit top worked perfectly for that 10am meeting, going into evening mode calls for amping up the allure a bit. An easy fix? Swap that day sweater for a slinky knit tank, fitted rib-knit bodysuit, or a sexy off-the-shoulder sweater that shows a tasteful hint of skin. Suddenly that modest midi pencil skirt has been given a major va-va-voom boost!

2. Layer On, Layer Off

Chances are you had to bundle up under blazers, trenches or slouchy cardigans to offset those frosty office temps during the day. Well now that you’re transitioning to night moves, it’s time to strip down all those heavy toppers and let that hot knit skirt be the star of the show. A sleeveless ribbed turtleneck sweater tucked into a curve-hugging knit skirt screams “coat check, please!”

3. Slay with Sleek Extras 

You know how there are those select outfits that just feel kind of…blah until you add a few choice accessories? That crisp blazer, curated jewelry pieces or statement heel can unlock the je ne sais quoi factor of an ensemble. Well the same game applies when kickstarting your night look. That lived-in, worn-in vibe your knit skirt had at the office can immediately feel more “going out” glam just by punching things up with slick extras.

Maybe it’s an embellished belt to cinch your waistline and add some sparkle. Or a slinky silk camisole peeking out from under that turtleneck mini dress for a hint of night-out sultriness. Even just swapping those practical flats for some patent leather pumps or studded booties can completely elevate a knit skirt outfit from amateur to maincharcter status. It’s all in the styling details!

4. Shake Up Knit Textures

If your day-to-night transition calls for an overall more polished, dressier vibe for those evening shenanigans, get cozied up to richer, more luxe-looking knit fabrications. Maybe that morning’s thick cotton cable knit skirt gets retired in favor of a finer gauge wool-cashmere blend with a drapey handkerchief hem. 

Or trade the lightweight sweater-knit midi for a shimmering metallic jacquard pattern with major depth and dimension. By playing with varying knit weights and textures, you can instantly sundress up an otherwise simple knit skirt look.

5. Cheeky Chemistry Lesson

Of course we’re all about those comfy, stretchy knit separates! But when it comes time to turn up the heat for after-hours rendezvous, sometimes a knit dress offers a chic one-and-done shortcut instead of having to style a whole matching skirt set. Rock a sleek sweater-knit sheath or turtleneck body-con all day, then merely shed any outer layers and voila! – evening ensemble achieved.

Bonus points if you purposely set out in the morning already wearing your going-out knit dress under a tailored blazer, oversized knit cardigan or drapey duster for day-to-night versatility. Nobody will be the wiser that you’ve been lukewarmly cocktail attired since your 8am staff meeting. We love a little knit kouturing! 

So there you have it – your official action plan for turning those cozy yet trendy knit skirts into night-ready outfits using pieces you’ve likely already got in your closet. With a few quick styling swaps and maybe an added third piece or two, you can go from bright-eyed and business-kine for the office to a total smokeshow the second that clock strikes quittin’ time. Who says style and comfort have to be mutually exclusive?

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