Scan Your Way to Better Health: The Full Body Scan Guide

HealthScan Your Way to Better Health: The Full Body...

We all know that “Health is Wealth” from the classic saying. The gift of good health is priceless. People in our day and age may be quite wealthy, but they have no health insurance. It would help if you took full responsibility for your well-being. When you take care of your health, your whole life falls into place. Those who are chronically sick often find that they can’t go about their regular lives as usual because of their illness. Doing so makes you worthless. For the sake of your health and wellness, ViaScan Labs provides a full body scan. We can aid in the early detection of ailments through our body scans, allowing you to take the required steps to recover your health. More information regarding body scans and their procedures is provided in this article. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Body Scans

The term “full body scan” refers to a diagnostic procedure that involves scanning your entire body with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments. In order to detect early warning symptoms of illness, it examines the whole body. In order to conduct the scan, the patient is made to lie down while the equipment spins around them. A comprehensive organ scan is essential for detecting even the most minute alterations that would go unnoticed by the average person. This exam evaluates the functionality of several organs and systems. Lungs, belly, gallbladder, heart, bones, skull, neck, limbs, etc., are only a few examples. Sometimes, you may be getting pain under the left rib cage, or you are just worried about dangerous PSA-level age. All of these complications can be sorted out by going through such scanning techniques.

All the Required Knowledge Regarding Body Scans

A complete Body Scan is a diagnostic scan performed on your full body with modern equipment and innovative technologies. It examines the whole body in search of early illness indicators in the human person. The individual lies down for the scan as machinery continually whirls around them. Crucially, a complete scan including all the organs examines even the smallest alterations, perhaps invisible to the unaided eye. This test examines several organs and organ systems. Among these are kidneys, belly, gall bladder, heart, bones, head and neck, limbs, etc. 

Advantages of a wellness scan

Following is a list of all the advantages of a wellness body scan: it has changed medicine, targeted early illness diagnosis for improved prognosis, and helps to save lives.

  • Early illness detection
  • Evaluation of bone density
  • Early cancer detection; risk of malignancy
  • Abdomen and lung scan assessment for diseases
  • Saving for future use to compare your old and new records and search for any changes.

What are heart scans for?

Calcium scores in the arteries of the heart are found using a heart scan, sometimes referred to as electronic beam tomography. Computerized algorithms running a heart scan identify specific calcium score values in the coronary arteries. Our radiologists examined several pictures of the heart taken together. The likelihood of acquiring a cardiovascular disease increases with an increased score since more calcium deposits are in the arteries. 

Test for Calcium Scores

The coronary arteries’ calcium deposition levels are found by use of a calcium score test. Both safe and non-invasive is this test. Variations in calcium score indicate different illness risks. As follows:

A calcium score of 0 indicates there are no deposits.

A calcium score of 1-10 suggests that there are a few deposits of calcium. 

A calcium score of 11-100 indicates a moderate risk of heart disease.

A calcium score of 101-400 indicates a considerable risk of arterial occlusion.

A calcium score of more than 400 indicates significant obstruction and a very high chance of getting the condition.

Benefits of a Heart Calcium Scan

A cardiac calcium scan can detect abnormalities in the heart years before a problem develops. Heart disease has grown increasingly widespread in this day and age, and people are seeking ways to prevent it. Some of the advantages of a heart scan are:

  • Early illness detection.
  • Better outlook.
  • Timely management 
  • Avoiding worst-case situations
  • Non-invasive scan.
  • Safe and fast.
  • Reliable results


By browsing the best full body scan near me, one of the most liked suggestions that would come up will be ViaScan of Las Colinas. ViaScan Labs offers whole body scans, which are an advanced technological approach to medicine that offers medical professionals the ability to diagnose diseases at an earlier stage, enabling them to provide their patients with a more effective treatment plan and a more accurate prognosis for the condition. This results in a greater number of people enjoying healthy lives, a reduction in the number of morbidities and deaths that occur as a result of diagnostic and preventative scans, an increase in life expectancy, and a great deal more.

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