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GamesReview of the latest releases: overview of the most...

The year 2024 can hardly be called a breakthrough in terms of game releases, especially when compared to the prolific 2023, which was rich in major projects. However, this does not mean that nothing good came out this year. On the contrary, there have been many quality releases.

We keep track of all the latest releases and have already had the chance to evaluate a few of them. We are now ready to discuss them in more detail. So, in this article, we reflect on the most interesting game releases of 2024 in the opinion of the editors at egw.news, talk about what they were like, and share our expectations for the end of the year.

Let’s get started.

ELDEN Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

One of the biggest releases of 2024 was the first and only expansion for FromSoftware’s hit ELDEN RING, titled Shadow of the Erdtree. As with any game from FromSoftware, the anticipation for the release of this expansion was incredibly high. Ultimately, Shadow of the Erdtree was released on June 21 and sold over 5 million copies in less than a week, priced around $40 for the standard edition.

We at egw also played Shadow of the Erdtree and have something to say about it. In short – it’s great, but not perfect.

The expansion tells the story of the demigod Miquella, who ventures into the Shadow Realm to build his utopia there. As players, we follow Miquella’s path and, ultimately, must prevent him from realizing his plans.

From a story perspective, Shadow of the Erdtree is disappointing. The problem is that it does not offer the same level of choice as the original game. Essentially, we have one option – to thwart Miquella, which means we serve the Greater Will and the Erdtree.

Speaking of the game’s mechanics, things are also mixed. We don’t consider ourselves perfect players of soulsborne games, but we have completed the original ELDEN RING multiple times. Shadow of the Erdtree is a real headache. It is several orders of magnitude more difficult than the original and will certainly not let you get bored. For a good half of the expansion, your super builds, which can one-shot all the original bosses, will feel useless, and progress in the expansion is only possible through upgrading Scadutree Blessing.

Nevertheless, Shadow of the Erdtree, like the original ELDEN RING, remains one of the best examples of an Action RPG and will stay that way.


Dragon’s Dogma 2

Another major release this year was the sequel to Dragon’s Dogma. The second part of this niche cult game turned out quite well, though it doesn’t quite reach the level of excellence.

Dragon Dogma 2 is a captivating action RPG that builds on the strengths of its predecessor while introducing fresh elements to keep players engaged. Set in a vast, immersive world, the game offers a rich, open-ended experience filled with intricate quests, formidable monsters, and deep, strategic combat.

One of the standout features is the enhanced pawn system, allowing players to create and share AI companions with unique skills and personalities. The combat mechanics are fluid and satisfying, with a variety of classes and abilities that cater to different playstyles. The game’s graphics and environmental design are stunning, bringing the fantasy world to life with detailed landscapes and atmospheric lighting.

However, some players might find the story a bit fragmented, and the occasional technical hiccups can detract from the experience. Despite these minor flaws, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a worthy successor that offers a thrilling adventure for fans of the genre.

Stellar Blade 

Stellar Blade is a visually stunning action-adventure game that offers an engaging blend of fast-paced combat and rich storytelling. The game is set in a dystopian future where players take on the role of Eve, a highly skilled warrior fighting to save humanity.

The combat system is dynamic and rewarding, with a mix of melee and ranged attacks that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes. The world-building is impressive, with detailed environments and a compelling narrative that keeps players invested in the fate of the characters and their world.

However, it’s important to note that the main character, Eve, is highly sexualized, which has sparked discussions about the portrayal of female characters in games. While some players appreciate her design and the overall aesthetic, others feel that it detracts from the game’s more serious themes and storytelling.

Overall, Stellar Blade is an exciting game with beautiful visuals and engaging gameplay, but its character design choices may not appeal to everyone.

Hades II 

Hades 2 in early access continues the exceptional standard set by its predecessor, delivering a compelling roguelike experience filled with rich lore, challenging gameplay, and stunning art. Players delve into the Underworld as Melinoë, sister of Zagreus, on a mission filled with new gods, myths, and dangers.

The gameplay remains fast-paced and addictive, with each run offering a fresh combination of abilities, weapons, and power-ups. The new characters and storylines expand the game’s mythological universe, adding depth and intrigue. The art and music are top-notch, maintaining the distinct aesthetic and atmosphere that fans love.

Early access does come with some rough edges, including occasional bugs and balance issues, but these are to be expected and are actively being addressed by the developers. Overall, Hades 2 early access is a promising sequel that builds on the strengths of the original while introducing exciting new elements for fans to explore.

What’s coming next? 

Video games in 2024 don’t end there. In the second half of the year, we are expecting the release of Star Wars: Outlaws, Assassins Creed: Shadows, Black Myth – Wu Kong, Shatered Skies addition to Starfield, and much more. There are many interesting projects ahead and we will be eagerly waiting for their release.

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