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RED VELVET Yeri Profile, Age, Parents, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Yeri

Kim Yerim, better known by her stage name Yeri, is a South Korean actress, singer, and dancer. Yeri joined SM Entertainment after giving a performance at the 2011 SM Weekly Audition. She joined the group on March 10, 2015, as a new addition, and is the maknae of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet.

Yeri made her acting debut in 2021’s one-act drama anthology “Drama Stage 2021.” In the web drama “Blue Birthday” that followed, Yeri co-starred with Hongseok from Pentagon.



BIRTH DATE: March 5, 1999

BIRTH PLACE: Seoul, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’2″


Early Life And Career

South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and television personality Ye-rim (Hangul:born March 5, 1999), better known by her stage name Yeri. Red Velvet, a South Korean girl group, welcomed her as a new member on March 11, 2015. She is the group’s vocalist, rapper, and maknae.

youth and the start of a career
Kim Ye-rim was created in Seoul, South Korea. The public is not aware of her parents’ names. Kim Ye-eun, Chae-eun, and Yoo-rim are her three younger sisters.

In 2011, she gave SM Entertainment a favorable audition, and she later completed four years of training there, In 2018, Yeri received her diploma from Hanlim Multi Art High School. She made her debut as a member after making an appearance in the Happiness music video as a trainee.

She appeared in a video clip that was published by SM Entertainment as a part of the pre-debut trainees team SM Rookies, where the other members were seen watching and joining in on the singing. She performed “I’m Your Girl” by S.E.S for EXO’s variety show EXO 90:2014 in October 2014 with other SM Rookies members. Along with other members of SM Rookies, she also took part in the SM Town Live World Tour IV concert.

Yeri joined the group on March 11, 2015, however she wasn’t officially revealed until the release of the mini-album Ice Cream Cake. Her first recording was a mini-album.

Alongside labelmate Minho from SHINee and N from VIXX, she hosted MBC’s music show Show! Music Core from May 9 until November 14, 2015.

Yeri’s first solo show, Yeri’s Room, will have an MC, according to a May 13, 2020, announcement from SM C&C. On the Dum Dum Studio YouTube channel, the first episode debuted on June 8, 2020. Every Monday and Wednesday, there are new episodes, and every Friday, there are special segments posted online.

Yeri Quick Facts

Her birthplace was Seoul, South Korea.
Yoo Rim is her younger sister by one year, Ye Eun is her younger sister by nine years, and Chae Eun is her younger sister by twelve years.
Purple is the color she prefers. Turtle is a good example of her mascot.
Violet Grape, which should not be mistaken with Green Grape, is her emblematic fruit. Beast is her exemplar weapon.
Her signature beverage is Violet Punch, which contains Violet Grape, Violet Game-Controller, and Violet Rocket.
Squirtle (because of her similarity to the character), Yeriana (since Ariana Grande is her favorite musician), and Malgeumi (bright) are her nicknames.
Her name is Katy in English. (vLive)
Yerm is her given name. (vLive)
Hanlim Multi Art School is a place of learning.
She achieved the top spot in her class with stellar grades.
She joined the crew in the start of 2015.
Is one of the six girls who took part in the SMTOWN concert.
She was a member of SM Rookies.
She is a basic English speaker.
Pink is her preferred shade.
She enjoys Hello Kitty.
She likes the number 17.
Along with label mate Minho from SHINee and N from VIXX, she hosted Show! Music Core on MBC from May 9 to November 14, 2015.
Until she had to shoot the music video for Red Velvet’s song “Automatic,” she had never worn heels.
Tuna Kimchi Fried Rice is her preferred dish.
Strawberry and chocolate ice cream are her favorites.
She adores cologne.
Red velvet claims she is the member who is the messiest.
She previously did so in a room with Joy.
Update: After relocating into a new apartment, all of the girls now have their own rooms.
With her sisters, Yeri enjoys a lot of hide-and-seek games.
The group’s most gregarious member is she. [Extracted from a 2017 Red Flavor Promotions Gayo Plaza Radio Interview]
She is acquainted with the actress Kim Sae Ron, and the two of them frequently share photos of one another on Instagram.
With Twice’s Nayeon, she is close friends. [Extracted from a 2017 Red Flavor Promotions Gayo Plaza Radio Interview]
She attended the same school as Chuu from LOONA.
Sana (TWICE) dubbed Yeri “Mingming” (vlive 171127).
She contributed to the creation of the lyrics and the song’s composition for Ragoon’s latest album, “Talking,” which is titled “Story.”
The variety program “Secret Unnie” features her as the lead.
The most current title tune for Ragoon, a JYP artist, was written by Yeri, who made her writing debut in 2018.

Yeri Parents

The public is not aware of Yeri’s parents’ names. She has stated that her sisters are among of her closest friends and that her family is very supportive of her career.

In a 2017 interview, Yeri claimed that Chae Eun, her youngest sister, is her biggest supporter. According to Yeri, “She watches everything I come out on.” She sometimes knows more about me than I do, which is unsettling. The sisters of Yeri are equally skilled.

Yeri Net worth 2024

By 2024, Yeri’s net worth should be about $2 million. She makes her living as a K-pop idol, which is her main source of income. She is a part of Red Velvet, a girl group that has achieved great popularity both domestically and abroad. Yeri also has her own solo endeavors, such as the solo EP “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm”.

Yeri has a variety of endorsement contracts in addition to her singing career, She has portrayed companies like Sprite, MCM, and Skechers. She has additionally made appearances in other television shows and variety shows.

In the years to come, Yeri’s net worth is probably going to increase. She is an idol who is talented and well-liked, and she has a promising future.

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