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NCT Zhong Chenle Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Chen

Chenle is a member of the NCT band from South Korea. After only two months of training, he joined the band without first joining SM Rookies. He had already published three albums before joining NCT and had also competed on China’s Got Talent. He has shared songs like Chewing Gum, My First and Last, We Young, Go, and We Go Up with the band.


BIRTH NAME: Zhong Chen Le

BIRTH DATE: November 22, 20001

BIRTH PLACE: South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’11”


Early LifeAndCareers

Then, in 2016, Chenle started his career as a Korean pop idol after making his stage debut with N.C.T. Dream.

Fans were surprised to learn that he was one of the four members who had not been featured in “S.M. Rookies,” the pre-debut documentary produced by S.M. Town. His debut release with N.C.T. Dream was the song “Chewing Gum,” which was eventually included in their 2017 debut single album “The First,” which featured the lead track “My First and Last.” As part of NCT 2018, Chenle continued to promote music with N.C.T. Dream and later with the sub-units N.C.T. U and N.C.T. 127.

Chen Quick Facts

Before making his debut, he put out three albums.
“Oh my Gawd” is one of his catchphrases.
Chenle is frightened of spiders.
After only two months of training, he made his debut.
Renjun stated that oil is all over the floor when Chenle cooks eggs.
He like almost anything that has chocolate.
He disapproves of science and sociology.
In 2013, he and Jisung both took part in a Chinese program; today, they are a part of NCT Dream.
He has piano playing skills.
He can speak Mandarin while he is sleeping.
His family is extremely well off.
Because of his high-pitched cries and chuckle, Chenle is referred to as the “Dolphin” in some circles.
He had an appearance in the 2013 film Soul Rhythm.
Chenle’s teammates revealed that he was the kind of person who would invent justifications for why he dropped a match.
He enjoys kimchi and eggs a lot. He cooks his own eggs and consumes approximately four fried eggs daily.
He is a huge fan of EXO’s Lay.
His favorite academic topics are English, math, and physical education.
His interests include football, cooking, and music in general.
He has a sibling that is older.
In Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, he was born.

Chen Family

In interviews, Chenle has mentioned his family a few times. He has stated that his mother and brother are his biggest supporters and that they are very close to him. He has also expressed gratitude to his family for their unwavering support and mentioned how important his grandfather is in his life.

Family plays a significant role in Chenle’s life and has greatly contributed to his professional achievement. He is incredibly appreciative of their support and love and is aware that he can always rely on them.

Chen Net worth 2024

In 2024, Chenle’s net worth is predicted to be about $8 million. This includes his income from his musical endeavors, endorsements, and appearances on variety shows. He is one of the most well-liked NCT members, and his solo endeavors have also been fruitful.

Here are a few of Chenle’s income sources:

Music career: Chenle’s music career contributes significantly to his income. He is a member of the most well-known K-pop group in the world, NCT. Millions of copies of NCT’s CDs have been sold globally, and they have done a lot of touring. Chenle furthermore makes solo songs.

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