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More Britons Believe That William And Kate Represent Their Values Than Harry And Meghan – Survey

According to a poll, William and Kate more accurately embody British values than Harry and Meghan.
More over half of respondents (54%) chose the Prince and Princess of Wales, compared to just 7% who selected Harry and Meghan, as the couple who best embodies British values.

Age groupings were found to differ significantly in People’s Polling’s study of British adults conducted for GB News.
Only 2% of pensioners aged 65 and older preferred Harry and Meghan, compared to 70% who chose William and Kate. The younger generations, however, were more divided, with 13% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 choosing the Sussexes.

There is no question that William and Catherine, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are seen by the majority of the country as best representing the values of Britain when it comes to the ongoing conflict between the younger members of the Royal Family, according to professor and pollster Matt Goodwin.

Sadly for Harry and Meghan, they are hardly even noticed. Only 22% of people surveyed had favorable opinions of Harry and Meghan.

A question about Lady Susan Hussey’s resignation after repeatedly asking a black British charity executive where she was from was also asked in the poll. Almost half (45%) of respondents stated they believed quitting was the best course of action.
One in four people believed Harry and Meghan should not be permitted to attend King Charles III’s coronation, while 39% agreed.

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