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King Charles’ Popularity Is Down, But Half Of Britons Are Still Content

According to a study taken a week before King Charles’ coronation, while his daughter-in-law Kate is the most popular royal, King Charles’ approval rating has declined since he ascended to the throne but nearly half of Britons still believe he is doing a good job.
Charles, who will officially be crowned on May 6, was viewed favorably by 49% of the population, according to an Ipsos poll issued on Friday. Only 9% of respondents disagreed.

A third or so had no opinion at all.

Following his mother Queen Elizabeth’s death in September of last year, his approval rating dropped from 61% to 49%.

With less than two weeks until his coronation, Kelly Beaver, chief executive of Ipsos UK and Ireland, said that King Charles should be pleased to see that 50% of Britons think he is already doing a good job, numbers that recent prime ministers would envy.

“It’s a good start for Britain’s new King and something he will doubtless want to continue working on once the coronation quiches are consumed and the bunting is taken down,” the author said.

A separate Ipsos study revealed that 57% of respondents were happy with Charles’ work performance, a decrease of 8% from the results of a comparable survey conducted in May of the previous year.

When it came to which royal the public preferred, Kate, the Princess of Wales, triumphed over “any of the king’s grandchildren,” Charles’ sister Princess Anne, and her husband and heir to the throne, Prince William.

According to the pollster, the king’s second wife Camilla, who is now the Queen Consort, and Prince Harry and his wife Meghan were among the least liked members.

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