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How to Find the Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies?

Your babies are your priority in all instances. You wish to ensure that your baby does not go through any issues or challenges. You can even find the best bottles for breastfed babies to enhance your feeding experience. You just have to ensure that you are providing your child with utmost comfort and pleasure. So, having all this in mind, you should never settle with any random bottle to feed your child.

Pay attention to Size and Shape.

There are so many sizes and shapes of the bottles and you have to find out the one that you feel is suitable for your baby. You should ensure that your baby is comfortable with the nipple shape of the bottle. Of course, it has to be just like the breast so that the baby can comfortably drink milk. If the shape or size is uncomfortable for the child, she might not take milk.

Anti-Colic Features

Experts form special bottles with things like vents or valves to stop babies from getting colic. Colic is when kids cry a lot and feel pain in their belly because of immense gas. These special features in bottles aid babies in swallowing less air when they drink. When babies swallow less air, they do not really feel as gassy or uncomfortable after consuming. Using bottles with these unique features makes feeding immensely easier and more comfortable for babies. It is just like giving them a smoother feeding experience in the absence of the tummy problems. Parents mostly like these bottles because they keep their babies happy and even content after meals.

Pay attention to Nipple Shape

Certain types of bottles have nipples shaped like a breast. This makes it easier for babies to switch between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. When babies make use of these bottles, they can feel familiar with the shape and even find it easier to latch onto the nipple. This similarity can simply ease the transition between breastfeeding and making use of a bottle. It’s like giving babies a comforting experience, no matter they are feeding from the breast or the bottle. So, having bottles having nipples shaped like a breast can make the feeding procedure somewhat smoother for both babies and even parents, helping them adjust to varied feeding methods with less challenge.

Ensure Slow Flow

Babies who breastfeed get to learn to control how fast they drink milk. Slow-flow nipples on bottles are definitely like breastfeeding because they permit the babies control how much they drink naturally. This helps babies feel comfortable and even dodge drinking too fast. Slow-flow nipples even cease them from swallowing too much air, which can trigger discomfort or gas. Making use of the bottles with slow-flow nipples makes bottle feeding feel more like breastfeeding, assisting babies switch between the two conveniently.


To sum up, just keep in mind that every baby is different, so what works for one may not simply work for another. Don’t be afraid to simply experiment until you find the best possible bottle for your little one.

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