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HCG 1000 IU: Review of Characteristics, Application and Risks in Sports

HCG 1000 IU, or gonadotropin, is a drug that is widely used in medical practice for a variety of purposes, including ovarian stimulation in women and increasing testosterone levels in men. However, it has also found its use in sports, where its effects may be useful in improving physical performance and recovery after exercise. Let’s look at the features, application and possible risks of HCG 1000 IU in the context of sports.

Characteristics and Application:

HCG 1000 IU is a hormone that stimulates testosterone production in the testicles in men. In sports, it is often used to restore natural testosterone levels after steroid cycles or to increase endogenous testosterone in men with low levels of this hormone. To achieve effectiveness, the drug may be used at a dose of 1000 IU (international units) or other dosage recommended by a qualified healthcare professional.

Where is it safe to buy HCG 1000 IU?

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Risks and side effects:

Like any medicine, HCG 1000 IU has its risks and side effects. Possible side effects include gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men), fluid in tissue, mood changes, and allergic reactions. In addition, long-term and uncontrolled use of HCG can lead to a decrease in the sensitivity of the testicles to gonadotropin, which can ultimately worsen health conditions.

Concomitant use and risk reduction:

To reduce the risk of side effects and optimize results, HCG 1000 IU may be used in conjunction with other medications or under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional. A possible way to reduce risks is to use drugs such as bromocriptine or cabergoline to control prolactin levels and other side effects.


HCG 1000 IU may be a useful tool for athletes seeking to improve physical performance and recovery after exercise. However, its use should be informed and based on consultation with a qualified medical professional. It is important to be aware of the possible risks and side effects, and to use additional products to reduce these risks and optimize results. Ultimately, the athlete’s health must remain a priority when making decisions about the use of any medications.

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