BTS vs EXO: Which is the best K-Pop Group in 2022? (POLL)

K-POPBTS vs EXO: Which is the best K-Pop Group...

Netizens Report Trivia: BTS vs. EXO 2022

The Netizens Report will be featuring some trivia polls and insights on the K-pop music industry in the 2022 year-end issue coming December.

The BTS vs EXO debate has always been a topic the K-pop fandom talk about year after year, these two successful boy groups have been in healthy competition with each other for a while and they are both wildly successful and contributed enormously to the success of K-pop today.

As each year passes they both drop projects which resonate with the fans and increase their fan bases around the world, but one question always comes to mind, which of these top groups has the most quality projects and best overall performance within the year, this poll exists to get insights into the K-pop fandom so they can give their honest opinions which of these two groups have been the best in 2022.




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