Beatrice Chebet from Kenya breaks the world record in the 10,000-meter distance

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Kenyan runner Beatrice Chebet has set a new world record in the 10,000-meter distance. This happened in a race that took place before the main program of the “Diamond League.” Chebet participated in the race to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games but did not plan to set a world record. Instead, her competitor and world record holder in the 5,000 meters, Ethiopian Gudaf Tsegay, had requested to update the record.

The Attitude Towards Sports in Kenya

It is extremely interesting that in Kenya, the interest in athletics and football is on the same level; these are the most popular sports. It would be wonderful if athletics became as popular worldwide as it is here. Almost every Kenyan in our area has tried their hand at running, as it is one of the few ways to earn a living. 

In Kenya, people work all day and have no time for leisure. Of course, there are many unemployed people here, and they look for some side jobs or simply relax by watching interesting sports news on SportyTV Nigeria or Supersport South Africa and betting on an international sportsbook.

How Did Beatrice Chebet Set the World Record?

Chebet ran the 10,000-meter distance for only the second time in official competitions. The first time was in 2019 in a road race in Kenya, where she finished in 32:52 minutes.

Both athletes, Chebet and Tsegay, were leading the race and completed half the distance in 14:31 minutes. With three laps to go, Chebet overtook her competitor as the Ethiopian began to fall behind. With 800 meters remaining, the Kenyan was ahead of her rival.

Ultimately, Beatrice Chebet set a new world record with a time of 28:54.14 minutes, becoming the first woman to run the 10,000 meters in under 29 minutes. This time is seven seconds faster than the previous world record of 29:01.03, set by Letesenbet Gidey in 2021.

After the race, Chebet said she only wanted to qualify for Paris, where she plans to compete in both the 5,000 and 10,000 meters. The runner decided to participate in the race to test her preparation.

“When Gudaf decided to set the world record, I said, ‘Let me try to do it to see how ready my body is.’ Because my body’s condition was good,” said Chebet. “I felt comfortable setting the world record, so when I saw Gudaf’s pace drop a bit, I said, ‘I’ll try to speed up and see what happens.’ When I got to the last two laps, I just got motivated and decided that I would have the world record.”

Who Else Set World Records in Olympic Events in 2024?

  • Armand Duplantis pole vaulted 6.24 meters at the Diamond League stage in Xiamen.
  • Mykolas Alekna threw the discus 74.35 meters at a competition in Ramona, USA.
  • Peres Jepchirchir broke the world record at the London Marathon with a time of 2:16.16 hours.

Who is Beatrice Chebet?

  • A 24-year-old athlete from Kenya, specializing in middle and long-distance running.
  • In 2023, she set a world record in the 5-kilometer road race in all women’s races with a time of 14:13 minutes.
  • Chebet won the gold medal in the women’s category at the World Cross Country Championships in 2023 and 2024.
  • In 2022, she became the silver medalist at the World Championships in the 5,000 meters, the Commonwealth Games champion in the 5,000 meters, and the African champion in the 5,000 meters.


Beatrice Chebet from Kenya demonstrated incredible endurance and skill by setting a new world record in the 10,000-meter distance. Her achievement came as a surprise, as she did not plan to break the record but only aimed to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games. 

This success highlights the importance of athletics in Kenya, where sports are not only a means of self-expression but also a way to earn a living. Chebet continues to impress the world with her achievements, and her new record is a testament to her outstanding preparation and determination. 

Her example inspires many young athletes and underscores the importance of perseverance and belief in one’s abilities. Therefore, many Kenyans actively follow sports news and place bets on their compatriots.

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