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BABY MONSTER Pharita Profile, Age, Parents, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Pharita

Pharita Chaikong (; born Aug. 26, 2005), also known as Pharita, is a South Korean-based Thai K-pop star. She is a part of the YG Entertainment K-pop band BABYMONSTER. At the age of 17, she made her acting debut in 2023 with BABYMONSTER.


BIRTH NAME: Pharita Boonpakdeethaveeyod

BIRTH DATE: August 26, 2005


HEIGHT: 5’7″


Early Life And Career

A trainee for YG Entertainment in Thailand is named Pharita. She belongs to the up-and-coming girl group BABYMONSTER.

In Thailand, she was born. She went to Ruamrudee International School to study. Her early years are not well Known.

She debuted on February 29 as a competitor (GI3218) in the Thai reality competition Idol Paradise. Before it began broadcasting formally that year, she departed the program someplace.

BABYMONSTER, 2023-present
A teaser poster heralding the debut of a new girl group was released by YG Entertainment on December 30, 2022. The name of the group was officially announced as BABYMONSTER on January 1, 2023. The practice session in the same video appeared to confirm Pharita’s membership in the group.

As the sixth member of BABYMONSTER, Pharita made her debut on February 2 at a live performance.

Pharita Quick Facts

On February 2, 2023, she became the sixth member to be formally revealed.
Pharita came in at number five in the final debut announcement.
After BLACKPINK’s Lisa and fellow group member Chiquita, she will make her debut as the third Thai idol to sign with YG Entertainment.
Because they make her feel dirty, she dislikes sand and beaches.
She enjoys visiting zoos. Giraffes and birds are two of her favorite creatures there.
She is a great anime enthusiast.
Since Pharita is highly photogenic, the previous CEO of YG Entertainment claims that she appears as though “she came straight out of a Disney movie.”
She is the kind of person who piques people’s interest more and more each day.
She has been training for 2.5 years as of the July 2020 YG Entertainment audition.
‘How You Like That’ by BLACKPINK served as her audition song.
She was chosen from 1,226 candidates who attended the YG auditions.
Lisa from BLACKPINK is her inspiration. One day, she hopes to resemble her.
She has excellent English and Thai skills. She speaks Korean almost naturally.
Living in a dorm was the biggest adjustment she had after moving to South Korea. Pharita ties her hair back in the morning and takes care of her complexion with moisturizer, Vaseline, and eye cream.
She is a little uneasy in front of the camera.
She is proficient on the guitar.
When she sings high notes, she knows how to employ her own high tone.
Ruamrudee International School was her place of study.
At Inter Model Thailand, she took home both first place and the top award.
When she was ten years old, she created a presentation timeline to share facts about herself and define her life. The timeline is accessible here.
She was once a model.
Look Pear (Nong Prae) is the name she goes by.
She took home the golden prize and the top spot at Inter Model Thailand.
Under the moniker Pear, she participated in Idol Paradise.
She was ranked among the “Worldwide Best Handsome Beautiful In The World 2023” candidates.

Pharita parents/ Brother

The only members of Pharita’s family are her parents and brother.

Pharita Net worth

Pharita is young, attractive, and gorgeous, but her current net worth is unknown. She has a slim build. She enjoys enormous teen popularity. She resembles a doll. She is built slimly. She appears younger than she really is thanks to her appearance.

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