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Almost Half Of Londoners Believe Sadiq Khan Is Doing “Too Little” To Assist Them During The Current Cost-Of-Living Crisis

Voters in the city of London believe that Sadiq Khan is not doing enough to assist Londoners who are experiencing a pinch due to the high cost of living.
In a YouGov study, 49% of respondents, including more than half of those who voted for Labour in the most recent general election, said the mayor is doing “too little” to solve the situation.
Only 4% say Mr. Khan is doing too much, and only 11% think he is doing the correct amount.

Despite Mr. Khan boasting of ‘£80 million in efforts to alleviate the impact of the cost of living and energy bills crisis’ in September, more than a third don’t know.

The Greater London Authority Conservatives claimed this night that the mayor’s cost-of-living budget was inadequately targeted and that the situation will worsen once Ulez is expanded later this year.

Older automobiles won’t be allowed in London thanks to the Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Mr. Khan is having a “bold discussion” on the expense of living today with Martin Lewis, an expert in money management.
However, the GLC Conservatives’ Neil Garratt stated: “This out-of-touch Mayor is making matters worse.”

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