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A Quick Guide to the Game of Slingo

It’s not often that we get a game that really innovates on the classic formula of an old favourite. Let alone one that innovates on two at the same time!

When it comes to the world of casino games, Slingo really stands out from the crowd thanks to its position as a fusion of two of the most popular classic games around.

By combining elements of Bingo with Slots, this fusion game creates a gameplay experience entirely of its own.

Plenty of people already play Slingo online, and it’s shot up the ranks to compete with its parent games in terms of popularity. So, what’s the deal with this challenger game and how does it play?

Bingo card meets Games spins

The 5×5 grid of the standard Bingo card is a pretty iconic image, familiar to even those who have never played it themselves.

It’s this grid of numbers that forms the centre of the Slingo experience, taking the same goal of completing as many lines on the grid as you can before the game ends.

Unlike Bingo, however, a Slingo game features the random number generation (RNG) of a set of five spinning reels that line up with the grid.

Each reel will give the player numbers to play in the corresponding column of their grid, although there’s also the possibility of getting a wild.

This element really harkens back to the world of Games, with certain special characters having the possibility of turning up on a spin rather than a number.

These wilds can have both positive and detrimental effects in true Games style, with the Joker giving a player the chance to mark off any number they choose or a Devil blocking a reel for the round.

This creates a very different experience to completing a standard Bingo card, refreshing the gameplay that people are already quite familiar with.

Getting a Slingo full house

Much like Bingo, the ultimate goal of a game of Slingo is to mark off all twenty-five numbers on a player’s grid.

In Slingo, though, getting all your numbers is known as a full house, so there’s no need to shout out “Bingo!” when you get that last number you need.

Rather than competing against other players, waiting to hear whose numbers get called first, a game of Slingo is played against the computer.

The limit here is whether the reels give you all the numbers you need before your spin allowance runs out.

How many spins are on offer depends on the Slingo game you’re playing, but sometimes a wild will give an additional spin.

Even if a full house isn’t on the cards, the more vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines completed by the end of the game will improve the result.

All in all, Slingo is a pretty simple game to grasp if you’ve ever played Bingo before. That’s part of what’s helped it to catch on so well, having a relatively small learning curve matched with interesting gameplay.

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