6 Career Lessons From The Devil Wears Prada

Sports6 Career Lessons From The Devil Wears Prada

When The Devil Wears Prada premiered, it became a career Bible for many people because, for a chick flick, it is rich in both life and career lessons. Anne Hathaway plays Andrea “Andy” Sachs, who settles as an intern at Runway magazine to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist one day. She soon discovers that she works for Miranda Priestly, the Darth Vader of the fashion world.

For freshies and young professionals in the working world, here are some lessons from the movie to remember!

No Job Is Beneath You If You Have Dreams

Andy initially planned to work for something other than Miranda Priestly, but she devalued the importance of her job during her first week. However, Andy had big dreams of becoming a writer and a journalist, and to make that dream come true, she needed to have a good record at her first job. When starting your first job, you may need to understand its importance and why you should do well, even if PBA odds are that there may be other choices.

Success Requires Change

Sacrifices are required for success, especially when you want to get something. Thus, work-life balance becomes a myth. There will be times when you must sacrifice your loved ones to make a better future for them. The success of your dreams may also affect other aspects of your life, like seeing your loved ones.

On a more positive note, a mindset and attitude change are required to be successful. This will help you to become more proactive and stay a step ahead. You can propose solutions to the current recurring problems at work, and if you implement one, even better!

Set Your Boundaries

However, as much as we can make sacrifices for work, we need to understand the importance of setting boundaries. Commitment to work is exemplary. However, balance is the key to preventing burnout. Burnout can take a lot of a person. Hence, prevention becomes more important than treating it, especially when it can be avoided. Many causes of burnout are rooted in work stress, especially when spending a lot of time there. Take the time to socialize, look after yourself, and set clear lines between work and personal life.

Dress For The Part

Fashion is a weapon, especially in the workplace. In the movie, Andy goes from being frumpy to dressing fashionably, and in the end, dresses for the role she wants to pursue. Clothing can transform you; you become more commanding if you wear heels and a suit. The hem of a skirt can transform your success at work.

Stay Calm

Andy’s positive attitude in the workplace helped her get through the rude comments of her colleagues about her looks, her lack of style and fashion know-how, and her weight. She brushed off rude remarks about her looks and continued to work. She also did her best – and remained poise throughout her whole experience. Her determination exemplifies what makes the movie a Bible for young working professionals!

Find A Mentor

Andy would only have survived at her job with Nigel’s help. She was not afraid to seek help and receive it. Although the advice might have been tough, she learned, and he was her best mentor. She became more appreciative of her job thanks to Nigel and his mentoring.

Wrapping Up

Although Miranda Priestly, Andy’s boss, was far from perfect as a human being, she helped mold Andy into becoming a reasonable professional with a strong work ethic. Andy’s story resonated with generations of working women about what to do when working. If you stay true to yourself and your professional goal, success will eventually come to you.

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