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To Love One’s Neighbor? A Survey Reveals That One-Third Of People Don’t Even Remember Their Own Name

There was a time when dropping by for a cup of sugar wasn’t a second thought.
However, it’s becoming difficult for Britons to even recall who lives next door.

According to a survey, one in three people do not know their neighbor’s name.

And one in ten said they only talk to them once a month or less. Many people feel less connected than they did five years ago, according to a survey of 2,000 people conducted by the smartphone company OnePlus.

Nearly half of respondents claimed they no longer contact with neighbors. Only 25% of respondents indicated they would offer their neighbor a key to their home, indicating that trust is also waning.
Moreover, 63% of respondents indicated they wouldn’t ask a neighbor to watch their home while they were away.

However, not all is lost because it seems like neighborliness has shifted online. A third claimed to have signed up for Facebook and WhatsApp groups, and a quarter claimed that smartphones had made it simpler to remain in touch.
Two-thirds of us believe that since the turn of the millennium, Britain has gotten less neighborly, according to Ipsos data from 2019.

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