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TNX Kyunjun Profile, Age, MBTI, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Kyungjun

South Korean singer and dancer P Nation’s Woo Kyung Joon (also known as Kyungjun), better known by his stage name. The boy band TNX includes him as a member. He qualified for and was chosen as a member of the boy band TNX through the SBS survival competition “Loud.” On May 17, 2022, he made his formal entrance into the group.


BIRTH NAME: Woo Kyung Jun

BIRTH DATE: August 30, 2002

BIRTH PLACE: South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’9″


Early Life And Career

Woo Kyungjun is a member of P Nation Loud, a pre-debut male Kpop training group from South Korea. Woo Kyungjun, Choi TaeHun, Lee Yedam, Jang HyunSoo, Daniel Jikal, Cheon Junhyeok, EunHwi, Oh Sungjun, Kim Donghyun, and Tanaka Koki are the group’s other nine members. It is established on August 15, 2021. Under the “Loud” SBS audition program, they were founded.

He was given the name Woo KyungJun at birth. Justin Woo is his name in English. His birthday is August 30, 2002. In 2021, he will be 19 years old. He is of South Korean descent. Virgo is his zodiac sign.

It is unknown where he stands within the gang, His early years were spent in Seoul, South Korea, His early life is largely unknown.

Physical Description: He is young, intelligent, and attractive. Young people like him. He appears younger than his true age thanks to his appearance. His hair is dark, and he has black eyes.

He weighs about 58 kg (128 lbs) and is about 5’6″ (168 cm) Little is known about his family, iligion, and connections with women.

Kyungjun Quick Facts

Age trivia: Kyungjun made his TNX debut in 2022 at the age of 19 (international age).
Kyungjun is reported to be 174 cm (5’9″) tall.
Justin Woo is his name in English.
He has excellent English and Korean skills.
Known as Mr. Hot-Cold.
Between the ages of 5 and 15, he spent ten years studying in Australia.
Before the premiere of the show Loud, he had already joined the P Nation as a trainee.
He received praise from Psy for his visuals.
He is incredibly bashful and introverted.
As a trainee at P Nation, he rapped for 8 months while hunched over because he was so shy.
He enjoys singing and dancing.
Vegetables irritate him.
His mismatched eyes are his most endearing feature.
He had always wanted to be a surgeon.
He was street-cast after arriving in Korea, and he switched from wanting to be a surgeon to wanting to be an idol.
He finds it fascinating that his admirers enjoy using him as a background.
He didn’t recognize the actor Lee Seung-gi at his therapy session before to the final agency casting.

Kyungjun MBTI

Kyungjun is a vocalist that demonstrates ISFP personality qualities. He appreciates personal time, perceives the world through sensory experiences, uses intuition to solve difficulties, and thinks things through thoroughly before acting. He also welcomes change and looks for new experiences.

Kyungjun is a distinctive and endearing singer because of his ISFP nature. Many of his fans adore him because of the authentic way in which his music reflects his inner self. He continually develops as a singer because of his openness to trying new things and embracing change.

Kyungyun Net worth 2024

The predicted value of Kyungjun TNX’s net worth in 2024 is $1 million. Based on his income from his musical career, sponsorships, and other commercial endeavors.

In May 2022, Kyungjun made his boy group TNX debut. Way Up, the group’s only EP, had more than 100,000 copies sold in South Korea. The number of streams of Kyungjun’s solo tracks on music streaming services has reached the millions.

Kyungjun has a long history of sponsorships in addition to his singing career. He has provided his endorsement to companies including Pepsi, Nike, and Samsung. Additionally, he has started his own apparel business.

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