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TXT Heuning Kai Profile, Age, Sister, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Heuning

Big Hit Entertainment represents Korean-American singer Kai Kamal Huening, also referred to as Hueuningkai. He joins the firm as its first international performer.

On March 4, 2019, the album “The Dream Chapter: Star” marked his official entrance into the boy band TXT as the group’s maknae.


BIRTH NAME: Kai Kamal Huening

BIRTH DATE: August 14th, 2002


HEIGHT: 6’0″


Early Life And Career

Huening Kai’s family relocated him to South Korea when he was eight years old from the US. With BigHit Entertainment, he started his professional career in the music industry.

After spending several years as a trainee, this artist gained the opportunity to make their debut in 2019. He is the first foreign performer to make their BigHit debut.

Kai joined Tomorrow X Together, or TXT, a brand-new boy group. This Leo man was the third member to be introduced in January 2019.

In March 2019, Kai made his TXT debut after multiple introductions. Their first EP is titled The Dream Chapter: Star.

The album was ranked first on both the Gaon Album Chart and the Billboard World Albums Chart. It also made its US Billboard 200 debut at position 140.

Along with their debut EP, the group also released Crown as the lead single. At the same time, the song’s music video was made accessible.

They ultimately used Crown to help them win The Show, Show Champion, and M Countdown, among other music contests.

Kai also has a talent for songwriting. In 2019, he began making contributions to TXT. His works include Roller Coaster (2019), Ghosting (2020), and Dear Sputnik (2021).

Huening Quick Facts

He was born in Hawaii, USA, spent a month there before moving to South Korea to meet his family. After that, he spent around seven years living in China. At the age of 8, he relocated to South Korea during the winter. (Q&A on Weverse)
His father, Nabil David Huening, is German and his mother is Korean.
On his father’s side, he also shares Scottish and Polish ancestry.
The third member was unveiled on January 15, 2019, and his name was Kai.
A leopard gecko is the creature he uses as a metaphor. (Questioning Film) – An Icelandic poppy is his emblematic flower. (Critiquing the Movie)
The morse code that reads “Secret” appears at the conclusion of his questioning film.
“Ningdungie” is his online handle.
Family: Lea, the older sister, and Bahiyyih, the younger sister.
‘Hyuka’ and ‘NingNing’ are his nick names.
Kai has the moniker “diamond maknae.”
He enjoys playing musical instruments, and his preferred fruit is the pineapple.
He is quite rigid and tense. His father is a musician as well, and in 2007 he released an album in both English and Chinese titled “Virtues In Us.”
He is proficient at playing the flute, piano, guitar, and drums.
He is fluent in Korean, English, and a little bit of Mandarin.
He previously attended Yongmun Middle School and Lila Art High School, but has since been enrolled at Hanlim Multi Art School.
He is the first foreign artist to make their BigHit debut.
According to To Do episode 61, his favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti, and seafood (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
Bruno Mars is Kai’s preferred international artist. Kai has long arms and legs (vLive). (TALK X TODAY, Episode One) Kai enjoys otters and penguins. TALK X TODAY Episode 5
In his eyes, he is a unicorn. (Fansign 150319)
Despite being a worrier, he enjoys scary films. (Fansign 150319)
He spent a brief period of time attending kindergarten in South Korea. (Fansign 150319)
“August Rush” and Spiderman 1, 2, and 3 are two of his favorite films. (Q&A on Weverse)
His current preferred hues are turquoise, mint, sky blue, and black. (Q&A on Weverse)
Huening Kai’s ideal partner: “I don’t really have a partner yet. He is not choosy, however he favors short hair to long hair. “Someone I can laugh with and share my true feelings with.” (Q&A on Weverse)

Huening Sister

TXT member Huening Kai has two sisters. TXT is a K-pop boy band. In 2000, Honolulu, Hawaii gave birth to Lea Navvab Huening, his older sister. She has performed in China’s entertainment sector as a singer and dancer.

She spent 2017–2019 as a member of the girl group VIVA. In 2004, Huening Bahiyyih, his younger sister, was born. She is a dancer and vocalist who most recently made her debut with the girl group Kep1er.

Huening Net worth 2024

Huening Kai is predicted to have a net worth of about $2 million as of 2024. Based on his revenues from his work as a rapper, dancer, producer, and singer-songwriter. Additionally, he has made money through partnerships and endorsements with brands.

The K-pop boy band TXT, which has three studio albums and multiple EPs to its credit, has Huening Kai as a member. Over 2 million albums have been sold by the group globally.

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