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The ‘Most-Loved’ K-pop Idols 2022 (Finalists)

Love can be found in plenty in the K-pop world, from the artists who create the music to the fans who listen to it. Love permeates every aspect of the K-pop industry. Having one of the greatest fan bases in history, K-pop idols are a significant component of the music industry on a worldwide scale. They are responsible for breaking records and creating new ones virtually on a daily basis, and one would wonder who the admirers of these idols are. There are people as young as eight years old and as old as eighty years old all over the world who listen to K-pop music, and many of these fans are truly devoted to the K-pop culture, devoted to the idols who make it happen and give them joy with their music and performances. We can practically say that fans of K-pop music are in all age groups.

Even while they most commonly perform as part of groups, many K-pop stars have their own particular fan bases, and some of these fan bases are capable of doing amazing things for the idols themselves. But out of all of the numerous idols that are now available, which one of them has the most loyal following? As of the year 2022, which of these idols is revered by their fans the most? In a survey and poll that we conducted over the course of eight weeks, we asked Kpop fans to choose their favorite male and female idols from a pool of 20 candidates who had been selected by our editorial staff. You will find a ranking of the most well-liked K-pop idols of 2022 below, along with photos of each of them.


Kim Tae-hyung, whose stage name is V, is a member of the South Korean boy band BTS. He is also known by his given name, Kim Taehyung.

BTS’s V is evidently the Most-Loved K-pop idol of 2022, chosen by the hundreds of thousands of votes from K-pop fans worldwide in a survey conducted by this publication. 

The man is indeed seen by many as the most popular K-pop idol right now, he is the most-followed male idol on Instagram and also the most Googled K-pop idol for the year 2022. Kim Taehyung was also voted the hottest man alive earlier this year.

Why so much popularity? Well, the man surely posses a lot of charm and talent, he is truly loved by his millions of fans around the globe, dedicated fans who would go to many lengths for their favourite idol.

V’s unique look is something many would die for, his music gets hundreds of millions of streams no wonder is popularity increases year by year.

The man is very much loved because he returns the love he gets from fans right back. He is truly the idol of the people.





5. SUGA 

6. RM


  1. JIN

  1. JISOO



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