The Best Football Goalkeepers Of 2022

INSIGHTSThe Best Football Goalkeepers Of 2022

Soccer teams’ recognizable heroes are frequently the goalkeepers. Any side that plays this position well has a chance to win a game with a single save or lose it all with a single error.
These athletes briefly become well-known to the public throughout the summer, but as soon as the game is over, they fade into obscurity.
Goalkeepers are necessary to launch the offense and serve as the final line of defense. The top goalkeepers play for the world’s best teams.
It’s a common adage that having a trustworthy goalie will help you pick up several points each season, and the following players are prime instances of that.

Here Are Top 10 Best Goalkeepers In The World 2022

1. Jan Oblak

He excels because of his unique approach: He is constantly prepared to make a save, even under duress. He maintains impeccable posture and is not easily distracted. He possesses long arms, powerful hands, and incredible reflexes. The best goalkeeper in the world, a fiercely competitive category, is Slovenian football player Jan Oblak.

2. Allison Becker

Becker is from Brazil and is 29 years old. He is undoubtedly one of the best players in the league at keeping goals out of his net. But to the majority of people today, those are just… soccer statistics. Alisson has superior shot-blocking skills and superior agility, speed, and placement compared to the majority of football goalkeepers. However, there’s more. His ability to save is based on his high technical abilities, ability to focus, and keen anticipation of the incoming ball.

3. Ederson Santana de Moraes

Brazil’s Ederson Santana de Moraes plays soccer. He is most recognized for his goalkeeping roles. He is the starting goalkeeper for Manchester City in the Premier League. He won the Golden Glove for best goalkeeper in the Premier League for the 2019–20 season because of his reputation for producing outstanding saves and keeping clean sheets. He is a great organizer on the defence. owns quick reflexes. is excellent at passing the ball to the middle. He is a manager who is regarded for his composure on the field, leadership abilities, and capacity for organization in the rear. He has the highest save percentage among the top five European leagues by roughly 0.7%. While he holds the top spot in the top five leagues in Europe with 174 clean sheets from 364 outings. The best in the world by far, Ederson has stopped 75% of on-target non-penalty shots.

4. Manuel Neuer

German goalkeeper Manuel Peter Neuer is a professional football player. Additionally, he leads both Bayern Munich and the Germany squad. He is largely recognized as one of the best goalkeepers to ever play the position.

He is a goalie who is powerful, tall, quick, and nimble. capable of handling high aerials. You have excellent focus and only miss 1 out of every 200 shots you shoot on target (0.5% rate). renowned for blazing long sprints to retrieve lost balls. He is a difficult opponent for any striker that faces him thanks to his aggressive and penetrating style of play.

5. Thibaut Courtois

Courtois is a professional football player from Belgium. He is a goalkeeper for the Belgium national team as well as the La Liga football team Real Madrid. In 2008, Thibaut made his senior debut with Genk, and in 2011, he transferred to Chelsea. He played at Atlético Madrid on loan for the following three seasons, winning the Europa League in his final. He later joined Real Madrid and won the Champions League during his debut campaign there.

Thibaut Courtois, a soccer player from Belgium who won the Golden Glove award in 2018, is renowned for his quick reflexes, acrobatic saves, quickness when rushing off his line, command of the penalty area, ability to read and anticipate attacks, and exceptional feet.

6. Mike Maignan

It is really impressive that a squad in the running for a Champions League spot has only given up 21 goals in 38 games. How talented was Mike Maignan? Let’s look at his statistics. His 79.4% save percentage is by far the highest of any goalie who has played at least 20 times in the league since the 2014–2015 season. Out of keepers who have played more than 20 games in the same time period, his clean sheets percentage of 21% is also the best.

He has always been regarded as the best in the world, and he is not letting anyone down right now. He grabs points from even the most powerful teams while saving everything in his path. His impeccable reflexes, meticulousness, and capacity to avoid any sort of punishment are renowned. He has incredible discipline and focus.

7. Keylor Navas

Navas is a top-notch goalkeeper with great credentials. With the club team Real Madrid, he captured the UEFA Champions League. and earned the nickname “The Wall” for his amazing penalty-saving skills. He became one of the most sought-after goalkeepers on the planet as a result of his outstanding performances in the Champions League finals, and major clubs from all over Europe competed for his services.

Keylor Navas is renowned for his daring maneuvers and dependability in goal, always preventing his team from attempting to win a game. He is a player who anticipates the ball’s arrival by looking at it before it even reaches him.

8. Gianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma has shown flashes of potential that are unheard of in the modern era ever since making his Serie A debut for Milan at the age of 16. He has already broken numerous records and developed into one of the top goalkeepers in the world despite his young age.

He faced Sassuolo on October 24, 2014, on his full-time debut. He became just the second 16-year-old to play in the Champions League when he made his debut against Arsenal in a group stage matchup the following month. He made history by becoming the youngest goalie to ever win a Champions League game and an Italian domestic cup final in his debut season with Milan. He was hailed by many veterans, including Gianluigi Buffon, as one of the most gifted goalkeepers of his generation.

9. Peter Gulácsi

Peter Gulácsi possesses all the qualities a goalie should have. Only a few players in the history of football are higher than this international goalkeeper, who is 1.91 meters tall and has the height necessary to easily grab any towering header or cross.

He is quick enough to avoid being caught off guard by any sort of quick-fire play and has the reflexes and reactions to make every shot that hits his wall into an easy collection. If a close-range shot results in the ball landing in front of him on the floor, he can also make a save with his feet.

10. Marc-André ter Stegen

One of the top keepers in the world is Marc-André ter Stegen. His save percentage is 71.6%. He won’t appear on many highlight reels, but he consistently saves FC Barcelona’s bacon by pulling victories out of the fire. Without him, the team wouldn’t be able to compete.

Marc-André ter Stegen was chosen by Barcelona as their new goalkeeper because he would not only improve their first team but would also uphold their standards of excellence. He has a special elegance under pressure due to his calm, level-headed personality both on and off the field, and he has harnessed that to become one of the top goalkeepers in the world.

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