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Temporary Numbers: A New Layer of Privacy in IP Addressing

Technology is ever-evolving. From sending letters to our loved ones that took 15 days to deliver to sending them heart emojis in nanoseconds, we have seen it all. However, all that glitters is not gold. With the advancement in science, there is an increased number of cyber attacks.

You all must have heard about the Pridefall. If not, let us tell you. It was the cyber attack that took place a few years back against the LGBTQ community. The IP addresses and identities of LGBTQ people were traced down from the internet, and they were bullied.

The question arises: how would someone protect themselves from these threats online? The answer is simple: You must know about the strategies that protect your IP address and identity over the Internet.

Understanding IP Address And Privacy Concerns Related To Them

IP address or Internet Protocol address is the address that is assigned to each device that is connected to the Internet. These IP addresses are easy to track and thus pose privacy threats. The IP address of the user can reveal the user’s address, browsing history, and much more which makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

How Will Using A Temp Number Make A Change?

A temporary phone number, often called the burner number, is a phone number provided online to the user. This number allows the user to choose the phone number from their desired country, and you can easily use these numbers for receiving SMS,

These numbers do not require KYC, so the user’s identity is protected. You can use the temp number to create an account on various social media accounts, and the OTP (one-time password)) verification will be received on these numbers.

How To Get A Temporary Number

Now, the question is, how do we get a temporary number? Do we require any special documents for these?

Getting the temporary numbers is easy, and you do not need to provide any documentation. Below is a guide on how you can get the temporary numbers.

Step 1: Go to the website https://temp-number.org/.

Step 2: On the website’s homepage, you will find the option to “Try Now.” Click on it.

Step 3: After that you will be asked to select the service that you need the verification for.

Step 4: You will be provided with a number of options. Select the service that you want.

Step 5: Now, you will be asked to select your country. Choose according to your requirements.

Step 6: Then click on the continue.

Step 7: After that you will be directed to a new page that tells you about the activation fees.

Step 8: Click on Activate and pay the activation fee. Your temporary number will be active for verification.


If you are always concerned about your online privacy, temporary numbers are the best solution for you. You can use these numbers to register on social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to hide your real identity and browse fearlessly.

We hope that now you understand the relationship between the IP addressing and the temporary numbers. As technology is ever-evolving, understanding both of these and using them properly will help you maintain an extra layer of security while browsing online or using social media platforms.

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