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SEVENTEEN Woozi Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Woozi

A South Korean singer signed to Pledis Entertainment is Lee Jihoon (also known as Woozi), better known by his stage name. After making his debut as the boy band SEVENTEEN’s lead vocalist, he gained notoriety.

Woozi, who oversees the vocal section for the group, is also in charge of writing the majority of their songs. He has also collaborated on songwriting projects with other musicians like Ailee and Eric Nam. The song “Downpour,” which also happens to be the project group IOI’s final digital single, is also credited to Woozi.



BIRTH DATE: November 22, 1996

BIRTH PLACE: Busan, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’5″


Early Life And Career

Woozi, born Lee Ji-hoon on November 22, 1996, is a South Korean songwriter and record producer who is also a member of the boy band Seventeen.

In 2015, Woozi made his debut with the self-producing band, becoming the group’s main vocalist and songwriter. In fact, he is credited with helping to write and produce every song on the band’s debut extended play (E.P.) titled “17 Carat.” He is also responsible for writing over 80% of their discography. His songwriting prowess soon transcended the band, as he began writing for other artists. We will help you celebrate this multi-talented artist.

A member of the boy band Seventeen, Woozi is a South Korean singer, composer, and record producer. He was born Lee Ji-hoon in Busan, a port city in South Korea, on November 22, 1996. He started learning classical music when he was still a little lad, playing instruments like the clarinet and band instruments. Woozi began appearing in music videos for many groups after joining Pledis Entertainment, including NU’EST, Hello Venus, and Orange Caramel. He studied at Hanyang University and Hanlim Multi Art School.

Woozi made his musical debut in 2015 as the lead singer and songwriter for the self-produced band Seventeen with the track “Adore U.” He is credited with contributing to the writing and production of each song on the band’s self-titled debut EP. He co-wrote the lyrics to Ailee’s single “Feelin” in 2016. He wrote for the project group “I.O.I” the next year and also gave a song to Baekho, a member of the South Korean boy band NU’EST W. He officially joined the Korea Music Copyright Association in 2019 as a full member.

Woozi set a milestone in 2021 when he won the Best Producer category at the 6th Asia Artist Awards as the youngest artist in history. In 2022, he also released his debut mixtape, “Ruby.” He wrote his first song fully in English for the mixtape, and it debuted at number one on the iTunes charts in over 17 nations, including Chile, Mexico, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Woozi Quick Facts

Busan, South Korea, is where he was born.
He is the sole child.
Education: Practical Music KPop Division Major at Hanyang University Institute for Future Talents (’15); Hanlim Multi Arts High School
He spent five years as a trainee.
Prior to the formation of Seventeen, he belonged to the band “Tempest.”
He spent a lot of time performing vintage music when he was younger. He performed on band instruments like the clarinet.
He goes by the moniker “Documentary” because sometimes he takes himself a little too seriously.
He also goes by the moniker “Tofu” because of his light skin.
He is a guitarist and pianist.
He enjoys creating, producing, and singing lyrics.
The majority of Seventeen’s songs are his creations, including the lyrics.
He acknowledged that he feels burdened as Seventeen’s composer because he worries that if they don’t succeed, it will be his fault.
Woozi has collaborated with Ailee, Kanto, and composed music for 4 additional bands, including I.O.I.
He has been referred to as a writing monster in articles.
Woozi is close to Himchan of B.A.P. (‘I am Celeb’ on Celuv iTV with B.A.P.
He desires a meeting with Justin Bieber.
Woozi was meant to be a member of the performing team, but because he writes songs, he joined the vocal group instead.
Woozi never had a romantic partner. He and Soonyoung were chosen by the other members as the two members who put in the most effort (as of 2017).
He thinks of himself as being extremely composed, serious, and cautious.
Since DK selected him as the teammate with whom he previously felt awkward, Woozi began referring to him as Dokyeom-shi (formal).
Listening to music is his pastime.
His preferred hues are navy blue, grey, and black.
Rice, Jjajangmyun (Black Bean Noodles), and spicy Ramyun Noodles mixed together are his three favorite foods.
Really spicy cuisine is off limits to him.
He doesn’t particularly enjoy curry.
He adores cocaine.
He enjoys athletics.
He enjoys dogs.
He like the X-Men films. Hugh Jackman-starring movies appeal to him.
He would rather it be Winter than Summer.
He wears 260mm shoes.
He appeared in the music videos for “Venus” by Hello Venus, “Face” by NU’EST, and “My Copycat” by Orange Caramel.
Chris Brown and Park Jin Young serve as his role models.
S.Coups felt bad for Woozi since he thought Woozi was a better leader than he is since Woozi is responsible for making Seventeen function.
He probably comes out as shy and blunt, but he has deep emotion, and once he warms up to someone, that closeness will last a lifetime. Seventeen Magazine in Japanese.

Woozi Family

There are no biological siblings for Woozi. His only kid status. He views the other Seventeen members as his family, nevertheless. He frequently refers to them as his brothers because he is close with all of them.

Woozi Net worth 2024

In 2024, it is predicted that Woozi will have a net worth of about $2.5 million. His revenues from his musical endeavors, songwriting, and endorsement agreements are included in this.

The K-pop boy band Seventeen’s primary singer and songwriter, he has produced and written the majority of their songs. Additionally, he has written songs for other musicians, including Ailee and I.O.I. Woozi has a background in music but has also made appearances in a number of commercials and variety shows.

Music career: As a Seventeen member, Woozi receives a cut of the band’s earnings from the sale of albums, concert tickets, and merchandising. He also receives royalties for authoring and producing songs.
Songwriting: Woozi has written and produced music for a variety of acts, including Seventeen.

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