Protecting Your Investment: How Proper Gun Storage Preserves Firearms

SportsProtecting Your Investment: How Proper Gun Storage Preserves Firearms

Like many pricey items, firearms are significant investments. They’re valuable assets as prized heirlooms, collectibles, or hunting tools for many people. Secure storage protects your firearms, keeping them reliable and useful for years to come, and ensures everyone’s safety in your home.

However, a recent report revealed that nearly half of gun owners in eight U.S. states leave their unlocked and loaded firearms out in the open. It’s alarming news that requires attention.

Not sure where to begin? This piece will tell you all you need to know about proper gun storage.

The Threats to Improperly Stored Firearms

Leaving your firearms out in the open or tucked away in a flimsy lockbox is a recipe for disaster. Here’s why:


Poor firearm storage exposes your firearms to bumps and bangs. You might end up with scratches on the finish, dents in the metalwork, or even cracks in the stock. Dust and grime can also build up on your guns, causing internal wear and tear.

But it’s not enough to stuff your rifles and pistols in a basic gun cabinet. Without proper mounts, your firearms could still end up with scratches. So, invest in accessories like an AR 15 vertical wall mount. Such mounts are easy to install but sturdy enough to handle the weight of a typical rifle.


One of the last things you want as a gun owner is to get your firearms taken by people with bad intentions. A stolen firearm can not only be used in a crime but can also, depending on where you live, put you in legal hot water. In 2022, around 7,916 pistols were reported either lost or stolen, followed by rifles at 3,683.

Some states have laws that hold gun owners liable if their firearms are stolen due to improper storage, especially if the stolen weapon is later used in a crime. This could mean facing fines or even jail time.

The Benefits of Safe Gun Storage

Investing in secure firearm storage protects your firearms in two key ways:

Preserves Value

Secure storage safeguards your firearms from damage, which directly impacts their resale value. Just like any prized possession, a well-maintained firearm holds its value. A neglected, rusty one? Not so much. For collectors, secure gun storage can even lead to an appreciation in value over time.

Ensures Safety

Safe gun storage safeguards your loved ones, especially children, by preventing accidents. It also deters theft, saving you headaches and potential legal trouble, depending on your local laws.

Choosing the Right Gun Storage Solution

Now that you know the importance of secure storage, explore these options:

Types of Storage

The correct type enhances firearm care and safety.

  • Gun Safes: These are the Fort Knoxes of the firearm world. Safes come in all shapes and sizes, from long gun safes for rifles to pistol safes for handguns. Look for gun safes with high-quality locking mechanisms, thick steel walls, and fireproofing if they align with your needs and local regulations.
  • Lockboxes: These are a good option for storing a single pistol or other small firearms. However, they typically offer less security than a gun safe and may not be suitable for long-term storage.
  • Mounted Cabinets: These are a space-saving alternative for some gun owners. Mounted cabinets offer some security with locks and compartments, perfect if you’re short on space. However, they’re not as secure as gun safes and may not be appropriate for storing all types of firearms.

Don’t forget to clean your gun safes regularly to prevent dust or grime buildup.

Selecting the Right Safe

Finding the right gun safe is like finding the perfect boots—it depends on your needs! You need the right fit and protection for your firearms.

  • Size Matters: First, think about how many firearms you currently own and factor in future additions to your collection. Choose a safe with room to spare for future additions. Need space? Pistol safes are fantastic for handguns. Meanwhile, long gun safes handle rifles and shotguns.
  • Security Checklist: Look for one with a high-quality locking mechanism, like a multi-point locking system with a pry-resistant door. Thickness matters! A thicker steel door and body make it harder to pry open. Solid steel bolts add another layer of security for peace of mind.
  • Fire Safety: Fires could happen, too. Consider a fireproof safe if you live in a high-risk area or store valuables with your firearms. Such safes come with different fire ratings, indicating how long they can withstand intense heat.

With the right safe, your firearms will remain secure in storage. If you plan to bring them outside, ensure you use the proper concealed carry purse or holster, too.

Keeping Your Investment in Top Shape

Proper storage is essential for maintaining firearms. Before storing them, thoroughly clean them to remove dirt, debris, or fingerprints that could cause corrosion. A light coat of appropriate gun oil on metal components provides some protection against rust during storage.

Additionally, a desiccant pack in your safe keeps your firearms in good condition. This handy moisture absorber helps create a stable environment that prevents rust and warping caused by excessive humidity.

Additional Tips for Gun Owners

Safe firearm storage is essential, but firearm insurance is also important. It safeguards your investment from theft or damage, giving you peace of mind.

Document the details of your firearms for insurance and reporting, too. Over 68,000 illegal firearms were trafficked in the U.S. over five years. So, purchase your guns only from licensed, reputable dealers to avoid illegal ones entering the system.

Practice safety first, even with secure firearm storage. Always follow safe gun handling practices, treating every gun as if it’s loaded.


Safe gun storage benefits everyone! It protects your investment, keeps your family safe, and ensures your firearms are there when you need them, whether for collecting or shooting.

Take time to find the perfect gun safe for your needs. It’s a tiny investment that protects your firearms for many years.

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