Pet Cat – Is the Terrible Smell of Her Pee Giving You Sleepless Nights?

PetPet Cat – Is the Terrible Smell of Her...

You love your feline friend, which makes you accept many of her quirky behavioral streaks. After a time, the smell of her body or pee may also feel tolerable. But what about others, including visitors, guests, and potential buyers? Will they be okay with the foul odor? Some homeowners can even have difficulty dealing with the lingering pee smell. Leave this aside; a cat will also hate it if some other cat urinates in her territory because felines tend to be territorial by nature and mark their area with urine. Due to the smell of cat pee belonging to another household, your cat can become aggressive and agitated and urinate accidentally in other places. Nevertheless, the urine scent is not pleasant or can be allowed to linger in your home. Instead, it would help if you thought about getting rid of it quickly.

How to get rid of that cat pee smell? Let’s gather some insights to restore the house’s fresh and attractive-smelling atmosphere.

Detecting the spot affected by smelly pee

When a cat relieves itself outside her litter box, you’ve got to find it in the most unexpected places. You cannot leave the area like that because the stink can quickly spread in the house. During summer, the smell can be overwhelming. Whether your cat peed outside due to a urinary tract infection, not liking her litter or some other reason, it can be a good idea to sniff around the house until you reach the room where the smell is coming from. You can also check planters, which can be attractive for your cat for its soil. Even carpets, sofas, bedding, and corners can be those sites.

Some recommend inspecting the backside of furniture and walls for their vertical surfaces. Sometimes, stains can be the biggest hint. Light and absorbent materials of the carpet and furniture can reveal the urine marks quickly. You can also look for discoloration at the smelling site. Of course, puddles are easy to detect. Cat owners should have a urine detector and a flashlight with a UV beam to detect stains. You can switch off the room’s light if you have these devices. You can use the flashlight on all expected and unexpected surfaces in the darkness. Track areas patiently until you come across glowing spots. These tools can discover sites affected by dried pee. Other stains can also become visible, but foul smell is the thing. If you find a smelly area, the next step is choosing suitable cleaning options.

General cleaning guidelines for cat pee smell

Suppose you find a puddle of urine on the floor or other surfaces. The first thing to do is wipe urine from the flooring. If your cat peed on furniture or carpet, you can use paper towels to remove all the liquid. The sealed flooring can be cleaned like always after wiping out the pee. However, fabric-based items must be treated with cold water and blotted. Once done, you can apply the appropriate cleaner to eliminate the odor. What cleaners are safer and better for this job? Some options can be used alone or with other techniques to remove the urine smell. Also, be prepared to use them multiple times depending on the progress or effect. The standard cleaning solutions include enzymatic cleaner, baking soda, and a mix of water and vinegar.

Enzymatic cleaners: These unique pee-cleaning formulations are available in stores and are more potent than regular fabric deodorizers. Check the site or store that sells pet supplies. You can easily find this cleaner there. Once bought, spray it on the affected site and let it stay there for two days or as instructed. Repeat the process if you still get the foul smell.

Baking soda: This natural deodorizer can work wonders on surfaces like furniture and carpets that cannot be cleaned in a washing machine. However, baking soda should be applied to a dry or nearly dry spot. After applying, a waiting period of about an hour should be observed before brushing or vacuuming the site. Check if you need to work more on the site.

Vinegar and water: Both should be taken in a 1:3 ratio to eliminate the traces of cat urine. Spray the solution on the site before blotting it up. Repeat the steps if needed.

Note: All these solutions are fabric-friendly. While there is no risk of discoloration, you can test them on a small, hidden corner before applying them to the soiled area.

Specific cleaning guide: Removing pee smell from couch or sofa

It can be a matter of pride to be a cat owner. However, they can harm your furniture by scratching, shedding, or peeing. One of the gross encounters of them all is pee. A cat can urinate on the sofa accidentally due to emotional trauma or sickness. Nevertheless, there is a problem for you to fix. Of course, the cat deserves the care. However, the couch should also not be ignored due to hygiene concerns. When you notice pee, remove fabrics from the sofa to prevent stains from settling in and put them in the washer. Take out pillow covers, cushion covers, and blankets. Otherwise, the urine will seep deeper into the couch and ruin it completely. If the sofa covers cannot be removed, you should take care of the other things and tackle the stain immediately.

Sniff around the sofa to locate the spot or stain, particularly if your cat does it regularly. Suppose you fail to detect the smell. The other option is to use the black light on the couch. The pee will glow as a yellow-green color. When this also doesn’t help, only professionals can be dependable. Suppose you found the stain. You can use the enzymatic cleaner to tend to the sofa. Please avoid ammonia-based cleaners because they can worsen the smell, as cat urine also contains ammonia. Saturate the spot and the area around it with an enzymatic cleaner and follow the instructions on the cleaner’s label and sofa manufacturer’s manual.

Why does a cat pee on the couch?

Repeatedly urinating on the sofa hints that your cat is stressed and needs help. Otherwise, cats prefer a clean environment and use the litter box they like. Potential stressors for them include relocation, new pet entry, or conflict with another pet cat in the household. Alleviate your feline’s concerns by trying different things. If the cat continues to do the same thing, take it to the vet for a medical examination.

Specific cleaning guide: Removing pee smell from bedding and clothes

If your cat soils bedding or clothes with pee, you must clean them immediately to avoid odor and staining problems. You can get rid of the stench by following three steps: pretreat the affected fabric, wash it in vinegar, and wash it in the washing machine with enzyme-based detergent.

First step

In the pre-treatment stage, you should avoid putting the soiled clothes in the washing machine with other laundry items as the urine can contaminate them. So, rinse the affected site with cold water and dry it with paper towels. Avoid the urge to scrub the fabric, as it will only make the stain stubborn. Focus on getting rid of urine as much as possible. You can add oxygen bleach to the sink full of water and leave all the dirty clothes in it for up to four hours.

Second step

You can now give soiled clothes a vinegar wash to remove odors and stains. Take an equal amount of white vinegar and water to use the mixture on the urine-stained item. Leave the fabric for a few minutes. You can also apply baking soda with vinegar to absorb and kill stench. Put clothes in cold or lukewarm water in the washing machine without adding laundry powder. Hot or warm water must be avoided as it will make the marks and smell more stubborn. Dry clothes in the open. In the enclosed area, clothes will need one full day to dry. One must not use a clothes dryer because the smell will persist due to the heat.

Final step

Launder clothes that became stained and smelly due to urine. They must be in a better state and suitable for traditional washing. So, please put them in cool water in the washing machine and add an enzyme-based detergent. Enzymatic cleaners can efficiently remove organic-based stains like urine. Once the cleaning is done, you can air dry your clothes. Check them after they are dry. Do you smell anything? Consider repeating the final step.

Summing it up

Remember to care for your cat as you tackle clothes, furnishings, flooring, carpeting, and other items. Your pet’s repeated urine accidents can signal a lurking health problem. Even a serious illness doesn’t show signs in them that easily. And by the time the symptoms appear, it can be too late. But cat pee can be a reliable indicator. Everything signals whether they urinate frequently, too little, or too much. Even urine color, volume, and odor can be the telltale of her wellness. Please take time off or use your free day to schedule a vet appointment for her. A healthy cat can relieve itself twice or four times daily depending on water consumption rate, diet, weather, etc. Her urine color will also be clear or yellow. It will also smell slightly acidic, which can be easy to bear.

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