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Only 28% Of Americans Believe They Are Content With The Influx Of New People, Which Indicates That Americans Desire Immigration LESS Than Ever Before

Less than 30% of Americans say they are content with the flood of new residents, and more Americans are voicing their dissatisfaction with the volume of immigration into the U.S.
The satisfaction rating has decreased six percent in a year, from 34 percent in 2022 to 28 percent in 2023, according to new statistics collated by a Gallup poll.

The statistic shows the lowest level for the United States in more than ten years.

40 percent of those who stated they wanted immigration to decline out of the overall more than 60 percent of respondents who are unhappy with immigration.

Only 8% of those surveyed stated they were unhappy with immigration because they wanted to see more people come to the United States.
The poll indicated that, although the results vary widely by party, a growing proportion of Democrats and Republicans now favor restricting immigration.

The largest percentage of Republicans—71 percent—ever recorded agree that immigration levels are too high. That figure increased by 2% from 2022.

19% of Democrats believe there is too much immigration.

The most recent statistics reveals a sharp eight percent increase.

Overall, Americans are about as satisfied with immigration as they are with public education (29 percent satisfied) and crime-reduction or -controlling programs (27 percent).

Age-related differences in American attitudes on immigration are pronounced.

While the number of Americans 35 and older who are unhappy with immigration has increased, the number of people in this age group who are unhappy has decreased from a year earlier.

How the U.S. is managing poverty and homelessness is one of the few topics on which Americans appear to agree. Republicans, Democrats, and independents only make up less than 20% of those who say they are happy with the current state of affairs.

The recent spike in immigration-related polling results may be attributed to growing public anxiety over the situation at the Mexican border.

1.7 million immigrants entered the United States in 2021. That number increased to over 2 million in 2022.

The Department of Homeland Security has also predicted that if Title 42—the pre-pandemic legislation granting border officers the authority to remove people seeking asylum—is repealed, the number might increase in 2023.
Republicans have already begun to consider how to handle the border situation after regaining control of the House of Representatives in 2022.

President Joe Biden addressed the issue in his State of the Union speech and referred to it as a cross-party issue.

America’s border issues won’t be resolved unless Congress takes action, according to Biden.

Biden has received harsh criticism for doing nothing about the situation.

In order to deport hundreds of thousands of non-Mexican immigrants who enter the US illegally over the southern border, President Biden is attempting to reach an agreement with Mexico. At the same time, record numbers of migrants from Mexico are crossing the northern border.

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines criticized the Biden administration for its handling of the border situation at the end of January.

According to Lines, his county just cannot handle the influx of immigrants.

Between 2021 and 2022, there was a 171% rise in migrant crossings, according to Yuma County’s Border Patrol.

‘Policies need to change when you witness an unprecedented volume of individuals pouring across the border that even exceeds what we seen under any of the other presidents for the past 30 years,’ Lines told Fox News.

He referred to the exponential rise in crossings as absurd.

They’re coming, they claimed, because Biden told them to and that our border is open.

Due to the rising migrant flow, facilities along the border are at capacity, and locals are apparently unable to access the city’s sole hospital.
Although immigrants have long been arriving from Mexico and South America, the new rush has prompted strong criticism of the immigration system’s viability.

Many migrants have gravitated to specific areas of the U.S.-Mexico border where there are breaks in the wall as a ‘easier’ method to enter the nation.

With the help of a sparsely staffed Border Patrol, migrants can stroll right through container-sized openings in the 30-foot border wall.
Although some of the gaps are being filled through construction, it is unclear how much of a difference the fillings will actually make.

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