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Next James Bond Rumor Disqualifies All “Old” 007 Aspirants

You might have heard that Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, or Tom Hardy will portray the next James Bond. However, there is one specific reason why suddenly none of those men may stand a chance of succeeding Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.

It turns out that the actor playing Bond in the upcoming films might be in their 30s rather than their 40s or 50s. possibly even in their thirties. The supposed news regarding the upcoming Bond movie is as follows,
according to Express UK, which may not have its facts straight:

It is not crazy to consider recruiting a new James Bond in their early 30s. In Dr. No, Sean Connery made his acting debut at age 32, while George Lazenby made his debut in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service at age 30. Daniel Craig was 38 years old in Casino Royale, despite the fact that he is now 54. Roger Moore, who was 45 when he made his debut as James Bond in Live and Let Die, started the practice of Bond debuting a little older. Pierce Brosnan was 42 in GoldenEye while Timothy Dalton was 43 in License to Kill.

Regé-Jean Page (34!) and pretty much everyone under the age of 35 appear to be very much in the running among the other alleged candidates. However, keep in mind that there is currently no time to die for the middle-aged secret agents. For dads who were hoping for another 40-something Bond, you should never say never again. Although we may have become accustomed to Bond being older, the idea of what constitutes a “older man” in an action movie is always evolving. The fact that Bond was a dad rather than a man in his fifties was the riskiest move the Bond franchise had made recently.

In any event, there is no chance that we will hear anything soon regarding the upcoming Bond. Bond producer Barbara Broccoli provided an update on the status of the 007 franchise’s recasting earlier this year.

“We’re discussing that. Since it’s essentially a reinvention of Bond, there isn’t a script and we won’t be able to write one until we decide how to approach the following movie. It will take time as we redefine who he is. Filming won’t begin for at least two years, in my opinion.
So it appears that the role of 007 on the big screen is (probably) returning to being a young man’s game. right now. Or perhaps it has always been that way?

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