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About Renjun

Chinese singer Huang Renjun, also known as Renjun, was born on March 23, 2000, in Jilin. He is NCT Dream’s lead dancer and lead vocalist. Chenle, with whom he also co-wrote a song, and he both graduated from the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. He made his radio debut in 2016 with “Chewing Gum” while working as a DJ for Akdong Seoul.


BIRTH NAME: Huang Ren Jun

BIRTH DATE: March 23, 2000

BIRTH PLACE: Jilin, China

HEIGHT: 5’7″


Early Life And Career

Chinese singer Huáng Rén Jùn, who is best known by his stage name Renjun, was born on March 23, 2000. He is well known for singing in the lead role for NCT Dream and the NCT U subgroup. His unmatched talent has won over many, and as a result, he has a vast fan base. After all, his followers don’t refer to him as The One Who Brightens the World or the Prince of China for nothing! As we formally commemorate his birthday today, we also look back on his life and career.

Huáng Rén Jùn, better known by his stage name Renjun, is a well-known Asian singer. On March 23, 2000, in Jilin, People’s Republic of China, he was born an Aries. Huáng attended Jilin Korea Ethnic High School for his studies. He afterwards studied at the Beijing Contemporary Music School, where he received his degree.

In August 2016, Huang made his NCT Dream debut with the song “Chewing Gum.” Then he took part in the first full-length album of the NCT 2018 project, titled “NCT 2018 Empathy.” Huang also participated in the NCT 2020 project in 2020, which produced the group’s second full-length album, “NCT Resonance Pt.1.” On the songs “Faded In My Last Song” and “From Home” from this album, he made his NCT U debut. In November 2020, Huáng contributed to the follow-up album “NCT Resonance Pt. 2,” and in December of that same year, he took part in the album’s first song, “Resonance.”

Huáng is an important addition to NCT Dream and other sub-units because of her abilities as a singer and dancer. He has a flourishing profession and a sizable fan base, including an Instagram account with more than five million followers. He keeps his personal life exceedingly private for someone of his status. We can affirm that Huáng is presently unmarried, has no children, and has never been married, despite the fact that he has not yet disclosed any romantic relationships. His career is as promising as they come, and he shares his achievement with friends and family.

Renjun Quick Facts

Even though he doesn’t think he’s excellent at it, he enjoys drawing a lot.
He has a tiny dimple.
Renjun’s hand back bears a birthmark.
He is the sole child. As a result of where he resided, he was raised speaking both Mandarin and Korean. But he also has excellent English comprehension.
Renjun stated that he has been training in both ballet and modern dance.
He like the music of Ariana Grande.
He like fashion.
He formerly possessed a snaggletooth.
Renjun is wearing lingual braces.
Korean is his favorite subject at school. He doesn’t have any pet peeves.
Renjun claims that he only presents himself as innocent because his managers want him to.
He enjoys drawing Moomins as a pastime.
EXO’s “Don’t Go” is the song that inspired him to pursue a career as an artist.
Lay from EXO is his utmost favorite
The closest person to Winwin is Renjun. He singled out Winwin among his group of friends as someone who was always there for him in his letter to his parents.
The Moomin café is his favorite spot in Seoul.
He enjoys hula-hooping while running about.
The fox is his favorite animal.
His favorite dish is hot pot, especially when it contains beef. He declared that he would want to eat hot pot with NCT Dream if they all go to China.

Renjun Girlfriend

NCT member Renjun doesn’t have a girlfriend. There have been no rumors of him dating anyone recently, and he has never officially acknowledged any romantic connections. He is right now concentrating on his career with SuperM and NCT.

Fan artists have created some Renjun and NCT member ships.

Renjun Net worth 2024

Although Renjun from NCT’s actual net worth is unknown to the general public, it is assumed to range between $1 million and $5 million. Based on his income from his music career, brand endorsements, and other endeavors.

One of the most well-liked NCT members, Renjun has participated in a lot of lucrative

One of the most well-liked NCT members, Renjun has worked on a lot of noteworthy projects. He has been a member of the NCT U subunit and is the lead vocalist of NCT Dream. In addition to appearing in a variety of television programs and advertisements, Renjun has also produced a number of solo songs.

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