Moldavite: The Extraterrestrial Gem of Rare Beauty and Healing Power

HealthMoldavite: The Extraterrestrial Gem of Rare Beauty and Healing...

Moldavite is an extant crystal that is a member of the Tektite group that was formed spontaneously by impacts from extraterrestrial life. The term “tektite” comes from the Greek “tektos,” which meaning “molten.” Alumina, iron oxide, silicate minerals, and other noble metals are mixed together in vitreous form to form tektites, which have an unknown crystalline phase. Unlike several other Tektites from throughout the world, opaque moldavite is evergreen and not just black or brown. It is the only kind suitable for jewel-like cutting and formation.

Moldavite Origin

Moldavite is a distinctive volcanic crystal that scientists believe was formed by radiation from a meteor strike millions of years ago. The molten glass was then carried by its speed throughout Europe, where it is currently being recovered. When it hit the atmosphere, most of the Moldavite solidified, and a lot of it fell into the southern parts of the Czech Republic.

Why are moldavite earrings so special?

moldavite earrings is a unique stone that is extremely uncommon and irreplaceable since it was created during a unique occurrence that is never repeated. It is scarce and exclusively occurs natively in the Czech Republic region.

moldavite earrings is a mixture of materials from Earth and space. Moldavite is a fascinating gemstone because of its mystique and versatility. Moldavite’s transparent, forest green tint is what makes it stand out the most; it captures your heart and soul.

benefits of moldavite earrings

Moldavite is a gift from space and a well-liked stone for metaphysical work due to its earthly and space-related qualities. The following are some of moldavite’s most advantageous therapeutic qualities:

  • For Relationships

Moldavite, with its beautiful green color, resonates with your Heart chakra and allows love to flow through your soul at the universal level. That means overcoming selfishness and petty nature in order to fully share yourself with loved ones.

moldavite earrings is the ideal crystal to assist you in discovering your cosmic soulmate since it is an outer space-derived Heart chakra mineral. The stars overhead bear witness to your love tale. In order to locate and maintain your soul mate, moldavite assists you in overcoming hindrances and disruptions.

Moldavite helps you improve relationships other than romantic ones. It increases your level of consciousness, sensitivity, and compassion. Moldavite inspires you to value the little things in life and to see the wider picture. That entails having gratitude for the unique individuals in your life right now.

  • for Astral Travel

Moldavite is the best choice for astral journey meditations because of its otherworldly properties. During your meditations, grasp Moldavite and imagine yourself rising up and out of this planet. Moldavite’s strong vibration makes it possible for you to swiftly ascend beyond the earth and travel into space.

  • for Inspiration

Moldavite opens a portal to the other world. It is an extremely useful tool for communicating with extraterrestrial life and civilizations. Moldavite uses intuition, whispers, and visions to communicate with you. As you perform this arcane but evolving activity, hold a Moldavite stone in one hand and a protection stone in the other.

  • for Energy Cleansing

Moldavite’s high frequency enables it to disintegrate at denser, lower energy levels. For you, it means it dispels harmful influences, stagnant circumstances, and pessimistic ideas.

Maintaining the positive energy in the house, workplace, or healing space may be achieved by using Moldavite. Using Moldavite in affirmation and meditation helps maintain positive ideas and emotions.

How do you tell the difference between real and fake Moldavite?

Fake Moldavite is becoming more common as the value and demand for real Moldavite rises. To distinguish genuine moldavite earrings from fake green plastic, in addition to having it tested in a gemological lab or purchasing it directly from a reliable vendor, consider the following:

  • Genuine Moldavite is always green:

Moldavite comes in a variety of green tones. It might be any shade of green: forest, bright, dark, midnight, yellow-green, or brown-green. If Moldavite is in another color, it’s fake or a different mineral.

  • Real moldavite has unpredictable textures:

Moldavite can have a smooth, cratered, wavy, lumpy, or a combination of these textures. These textures shouldn’t, however, be consistent across the specimen. Anything that is too “perfectly textured” either belongs in a museum or is most likely fake.

  • Real moldavite is asymmetrical:

It may take on the shapes of a wand, a club, a semi-circular, semi-spherical, semi-cylindrical, or it can be arbitrarily formed. A specimen that is too “perfectly symmetrical” might raise doubts about its validity. But, this is not the case if you are seeing it in a museum. You should also be able to see the air bubbles and the erratic, wavy flowing lines inside the stone under a powerful microscope.

  • Genuine Moldavite has a monetary value:

This is about the price tag, not the Moldavite’s look. The only meteorite that is regarded as a jewel is moldavite. What happens if the price seems too good to be true? It seems too good to be true.

  • Real Moldavite has worm-like inclusions:

Look for wavy inclusions when seen under a powerful microscope with a 10x magnification. Melted sand fragments made the stone. They are responsible for these lechatelierite inclusions. But, lechatelierite forms instantly from meteorites and lightning. This is unlike quartz, a slow-forming silicon dioxide made at high temperatures.

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