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How to play Dozen – Number 1 Dozen Playground in Southeast Asia

How to play Idle Kèo nhà cái? A quite hot and popular question in today’s game portal market. Because of the simple and attractive gameplay. Players only need to own their cards from the dealer, then play certain psychological attacks and create a high card connection. From there, it will help you gain advantages and win high rewards in this subject

So, how popular and popular is the game of gossip? Today, admin will share everything with you guys about this playground.

Overview of gossip

This can be said to be one of the most interesting card games in all subjects. Because players can only own 9 cards from the dealer out of a total of 52 popular cards today. Players must arrange the cards to form the best card combination hall, and can eliminate the psychology of opponents giving up cards. From there you will win

This subject originated in the North of Vietnam. and thanks to the diverse gameplay, it can be varied in different regions from Central or South. In addition, you also need to have a certain understanding to be able to participate well in this subject. Next, the admin will share with you guys about how to operate this playground.

Overview of how to play Idle game

Like other sports, if you participate in the main battle and clearly understand how to bet and the rules of the game. It will partly give you a certain confidence in fighting. Understanding that, you need to understand the general ways to play this subject as follows

Gameplay in 3 diverse areas

Ta la has variations in the South, Central and North. Each playing area will have different ways of operating. Please follow along through the following shares

  • Ta Li of the South: This is a playroom with certain differences compared to the original cradle of the North. Players will be able to participate based on many select angles and diverse select rounds. The player with the highest winning result at the end will be the winner
  • Northern Ta Li: As the birthplace of the first 9-card playing form of this sport, in the North players will enjoy regulated rounds as well as diversity in playing halls. In addition, the 9 or 10 card playing format is also an interesting thing about this original lobby
  • Central region: Players can participate in game halls thanks to the combination of interference between both regions, North and South. With half the multi-round select style and half the 9 or 10 card style play.
  • Ten La to Take All: This is a special form of Do La, whoever has the largest amount of cards in the halls to play in a round will be the winner. This way of playing is usually for players who like quick wins and quick rewards. However, experience is also one of the factors required when participating in this type of game.

Some popular ways to play

To participate in playing the game with the most confidence, you need to clearly understand the common rounds in this subject as follows:
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  • Start: The players will be divided into 9 cards by the dealer for each individual, then the player who has the right to go first will be the one who is assigned 10 cards and plays first.
  • Development: The order of play will take place clockwise. The player who has the first bet should use the smallest cards, and the remaining players will rely on those cards to win points.
  • Conclusion: The game round continues like that, the brother who wins the last game in the lobby will be the one who owns the strongest cards and wins prizes in this subject.

In addition, to understand the fighting style, you need to clearly understand the strong cards in this playground, from which you can apply and gain the upper hand when fighting.

Some diverse ways of arranging cards at Ta La

Talisman has a greedy way of arranging cards funny and attract. You need to clearly understand the following rules

  • Junk card: Is one of the cards that cannot create a card deck compared to other cards. Its value is only advantageous eagerly Let the player play first, so they can destroy the remaining players’ cards.
  • Horizontal phom card: If you own any 3 consecutive cards, it will be called horizontal phom.
  • Phom hall: The strongest card of this game, with cards of the same suit spread equally continuously. The player who has a straight line like that will always have the highest winning advantage.


Through the above sharing about news How to play Kèo nhà cái. Surely, you have clearly understood the general operating rules of this subject.

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