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How to Choose Snowshoes for Your Needs: A Traveler’s Definitive Guide


Are you planning to travel during winter? Chances are that you’ll require snowshoes for a successful expedition. You need to prepare yourself for a challenging and overwhelming snowshoe selection process. For you to buy snowshoes now, you need to go through a massive list of providers, online stores, and different sizes and types to find the perfect match.

Snowshoes come with different characteristics that allow travelers like you to navigate certain terrain types. Every pair is a little unique. However, understanding your size, the terrain of your destination, and the best provider will be helpful when picking your snowshoeing equipment.

This comprehensive snowshoe traveler’s guide will help you find features, descriptions, and tips to choose snowshoes that meet your needs. So what next? Read on to find out more about:

  • Recreational/hiking snowshoes
  • Fitness/Running snowshoes
  • Technical snowshoes
  • Wide surface area snowshoes

Wide Surface Area Snowshoes: Deep Snow

All snowshoes are designed to limit sinking in the snow. However, certain types and brands perform better compared to others, especially in bottomless snow. That is why it’s advisable to consider the snow depth when selecting your snowshoe pair. Here are some facts:

  • A pair of snowshoes with a small surface area tends to have difficulty in bottomless snow
  • A pair of snowshoes with a backcountry description or name is ideal or designed for wide, deep snow.
  • Traditional wooden snowshoes are particularly excellent at traversing deep snow.

Snowshoes with a wide surface area can be technical or recreational. However, not all technical or recreational snowshoes perform excellently in deep snow conditions.

Are you traveling to areas where the snow will be wetter? Near the coast or in more humid areas? Buy snowshoes now designed for deep snow. While you do not sink as deep as in powder snow, in wet snow, floatation is still vital.

Technical Snowshoes

Technical snowshoes come with some key features, which include:

  • Traction: Aggressive traction like crampons/cleats under the heel, toe, and sides.
  • Accessories: Heel lift or bar to offer extra support, especially when climbing a steep slope. Heel/toe pieces are usually available to minimize sliding while in the binding.
  • Bindings: Advanced bindings for a more precise and tighter fit, like shoe-like or toe box binding.
  • Materials: Very durable materials are used. They typically come with aluminum frames and nylon decking.
  • Frame: They might feature a serrated frame. This can be heavy but provides excellent grip, especially when mountaineering.

Fitness/Running Snowshoes: Packed Trails

Do you want to enjoy the health benefits of snowshoeing as well as running? Buy fitness/running snowshoes. If your destination has groomed terrains and packed snow instead of deep powder, a pair of fitness/running snowshoes will be the perfect match. Fitness/running snowshoes come with these key features:

  • Bindings and straps that resemble shoes
  • Narrower and shorter frames to enhance speed and mobility in the snow
  • Lightweight materials made of foam, aluminum, and TPU
  • A crampon may be available under the heel and toe


Recreational/hiking snowshoes are an ideal choice for first-time snowshoers. They’re designed for rolling hills and flat terrains. In their descriptions, these snowshoes usually have terms like hike, trek, or trail. When you buy snowshoes now, they come with:

  • Simple, easy-to-use bindings like TPU, polyurethane, or nylon straps
  • A v-tail frame or a rounded frame
  • Materials like aluminum and TPU plastic
  • Average to little traction, including plastic, aluminum, or steel cleats underneath the snowshoes’ heels and toes

How Can TSL Outdoor Help You Buy Snowshoes Now?

TSL Outdoor can help you find the perfect snowshoes for your next expedition. This leading French snowshoe provider specializes in outdoor equipment design and manufacturing. In addition to snowshoes, you’ll also get hiking poles.

TSL Outdoor’s products are of high quality and innovative. They perfectly adapt to different terrains and winter activities. Also, they’re popular for their optimal flotation and traction on different types of snow.

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