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How to choose a fuel supplier: things to consider

Energy supply is one of the most sensitive issues today. What should oil suppliers be like to make you choose them? What should be the specific benefits that will ensure long-term cooperation? And why is Idol Energy Company the right choice for a supplier of fuel and refined products? We will discuss these issues in this article. 

Product quality and range

A company’s product portfolio and product quality play a key role in choosing an energy supplier. The quality of petroleum products directly affects the efficiency of machinery, the durability of equipment and the overall productivity of enterprises. It is also important to have access to a wide range of resources to be able to flexibly meet different needs with the best fuel option. For example, industrial enterprises will need gasoline to fuel their corporate vehicle fleet, diesel for special equipment, and liquefied petroleum gas to heat their administrative premises and run their production equipment. And it is convenient if you can buy everything from one supplier. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to environmental aspects and social responsibility of companies, so it is important to choose suppliers that adhere to high standards in terms of quality and environmental sustainability.

The level of customer service and support is also important, as it affects the efficiency and convenience of cooperation with the supplier. But it is the quality and range of products that are important factors that determine the success of cooperation with a petroleum product supplier. 

Competitive prices

The price factor is very important, but not always cheap = best. As practice shows, it’s best to stay in the middle of the market. Are you surprised? Let us explain why this is the case. 

The energy market is a complex structure influenced by economic, production, political, seasonal and other factors. Therefore, prices are constantly fluctuating and the dynamics of changes are significant. Refiners and suppliers cannot influence them, but they can control their operating costs and supply costs. And it is this point that can become a criterion for choosing a reliable and honest supplier. Companies that do not want to maintain the relationship will try to pass on losses and operating costs when prices change in foreign markets to the buyer. Suppliers who want to retain their customers and are committed to long-term cooperation will keep these budget items constant. 

Convenient logistics system

One of the criteria for selecting a petroleum product supplier is how well they have managed to build their own logistics system. It is the logistics system that ensures efficient supply chain management, which allows optimizing the processes of ordering, transportation and warehousing of products. It helps to ensure timely and reliable supply of petroleum products to customers, which is critical to maintaining their operations. Logistics helps to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of production and supply. Finally, a fast and reliable supply of petroleum products is an important competitive advantage that helps to attract and retain customers. How to evaluate this system when choosing a supplier? Ask the selected potential partners how they plan and organize the supply of products to their customers, read reviews, and, if possible, talk personally with representatives of companies that already cooperate with the supplier you are interested in. 

Compliance with standards 

Compliance with standards is a critical criterion for selecting a supplier of petroleum products. The availability of certificates of compliance with the standards indicates a high level of professionalism and responsibility of the supplier, which is important for building long-term and stable relationships. In addition, compliance with the standards allows us to confirm compliance with environmental and social requirements, which is becoming increasingly important for consumers and the market as a whole.

Idol Energy Company: an exact match for all criteria

There are leaders and outsiders among the suppliers of petroleum products that supply wholesale volumes of refined products to international markets. Idol Energy Company undoubtedly belongs to the former. It 100% meets the criteria for choosing a reliable supplier, which we discussed above. High-quality products, strict adherence to deadlines and warranty obligations, a wide range of related services, an efficient logistics system, competitive prices and an impeccable reputation are just some of the characteristics that can be used to describe this market operator. Our clients include world-renowned companies:

  • Total,
  • Quantum Petroleum, 
  • Fraga oil,
  • Venus oil,
  • Engen,
  • GOIL Gold Energy,
  • Agapet,
  • Cardill,
  • TelEnergy.

Idol is trusted by energy giants to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply to the end user. And this is the best criterion for the quality of products and services. Check it out on your own experience – start cooperation with Idol Energy Company. 

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