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How To Choose A Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites are among the most hazardous workplaces, with a high occurrence of accidents and injuries. That’s why construction sites are subject to numerous safety regulations imposed by federal, state, and local authorities. 

Even with these, many construction accidents still happen. In the industry, the estimated average cost of a work-related injury is around $41,000 and this cost can get higher for fatal injuries.

Construction accident cases can get complicated, as they often involve third-party liability, where parties other than the employer or co-workers may be held responsible for injuries. Among these are equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, property owners, or architects and engineers.

According to construction accident lawyer Abel Fernandez, filing a workers’ compensation claim is simple, but it needs to be done within 30 days of the accident that resulted in your injury or within 30 days of noticing that you were sick. 

In this article, we’ll guide you in choosing the right construction lawyer who will advocate for your rights and provide you with the legal support you require.

Assessing Lawyer’s Experience

An attorney who’s dealt with construction accident cases before will be well-versed in the specific laws, regulations, and challenges that are unique to this area of law. You want someone who understands how complex these cases can get and someone who knows how to handle the case effectively on your behalf.

Experience matters in construction accidents, so go for someone who handled cases that involve multiple parties, liability issues, and significant damages in the past. A seasoned lawyer will have a track record of success in representing clients like you who’ve been injured in construction-related incidents. They’ll know how to gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and, if necessary, take your case to trial.

Reviewing Past Case Results

Reviewing the past case results of a construction accident lawyer can provide valuable insights into their track record and capabilities. Look for a lawyer who’s got a proven history of securing favorable settlements or verdicts for their clients. Pay attention to the types of cases they’ve worked on and the compensation amounts they’ve been able to recover.

Analyzing past case results can help you determine if the lawyer has the necessary experience and skills to effectively represent you in your construction accident case. It can also give you an idea of their negotiation tactics and litigation strategies. 

A lawyer with a strong track record of success is more likely to handle your case competently and help you achieve a favorable outcome. So, take the time to review and consider the past case results of any construction accident lawyer you’re thinking of hiring.

Checking Client Testimonials

Client testimonials can provide valuable information about how a lawyer interacts with their clients, the outcomes they’ve achieved, and the overall satisfaction level of those they’ve represented. Look for testimonials that highlight the lawyer’s communication skills, responsiveness, empathy, and ability to secure favorable results.

When reviewing client testimonials, pay attention to recurring themes or patterns. Consistent praise for specific qualities or achievements can indicate a lawyer’s strengths and areas where they excel. Be cautious of overly generic or vague testimonials that lack specific details or examples as well. Genuine testimonials often include specific anecdotes or descriptions of how the lawyer helped the client deal with their case.

Evaluating Communication Style

Effective and clear interactions throughout your case are crucial for a successful attorney-client relationship. When evaluating a lawyer’s communication style, pay attention to how they listen to your concerns, explain legal concepts in a way that you understand, and promptly respond to your inquiries.

Look for a lawyer who’s attentive, responsive, and able to communicate complex legal information in a straightforward manner. During your initial consultation, take note of how the lawyer articulates their thoughts and whether they actively engage with you. Clear and open communication can help you stay informed about the progress of your case, understand your legal options, and make well-informed decisions.

Understanding Fee Structures

Different lawyers may have varying fee arrangements, so check how you’ll be charged for their services before choosing a construction accident lawyer.

Contingency Fee: In this case, the lawyer only gets paid if you win the case and receives a percentage of the settlement. This can be advantageous as it aligns the lawyer’s interests with yours, motivating them to strive for a favorable outcome. But be sure to clarify the percentage they’ll take and if there are any additional costs you might be responsible for.

Hourly Rate: Where you pay for the lawyer’s time spent working on your case. Inquire about the hourly rate, the estimated total cost, and whether there are any other expenses, such as court fees or expert witness charges, that you need to cover.


When choosing a construction accident lawyer, make sure to assess their experience, review past case results, check client testimonials, evaluate communication style, and understand fee structures. Taking these steps can help you find a lawyer who’s qualified, trustworthy, and a good fit for your needs. Don’t rush the decision-making process!

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