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Hiring a Painter for Your Home Repaint

In the majority of states, it is a law that painters be licensed. It is safest for customers to look for a painting contractor with a license as they are more likely to conform to regulations, have insurance and act in a responsible way. Painting your property is an investment into it so it makes sense to be careful in whom you trust with that job.

Bonded, licensed and insured

To work in Florida as a painter you need to have a contractor’s license. You can work locally without a state license if you are still a registered contractor. But to work legally across the state you need a state license. A different state might have different requirements including work experience and education. Here is a look at what the terms bonded, licensed and insured mean and why you want to look for them in a painter.


It is an agreement from the painter that says they will cover losses to the property owner if they do not do the job they have agreed to or do not complete it as they were meant to. It gives the property owner protection. In some states, you have to be bonded before you can get a license.


There are requirements a painter has to meet in order to get a license from the state that lets them work. It includes having the right knowledge and skills, knowing how to prepare different surfaces, tools to use, safety requirements and such. You can check if their license is real with the licensing board in your state.


Insurance is another way to protect the property owner. It should include workers’ compensation coverage as well as liability. The latter means that should the painter cause damage to the property they are covered to pay for those repairs and it will not fall on the property opener to handle. Worker’s comp means should the painter have an accident when they are working the owner is not liable to cover medical bills and such.

What to look for when hiring a business or home painter

Some of the things you should look for in a professional painter are;

  • They have a local business address
  • They follow good business practices and have good customer service
  • They have evidence of a genuine license and the proper insurance
  • They are easy to find online with correct information
  • They have positive reviews from previous clients
  • They have risk management protocols in place
  • They are happy to show you their accreditation and proof of their background
  • The offer warranties or guarantees on their work


Hiring a professional painter who is licensed and insured is the right choice. You can be more confident they know what they are doing. The work will be to high standards.

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