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Disability Lawyer: The Key to Your Denied Claim

You filled out all the forms, submitted all the documents, and spent months waiting, only to get the crushing news that your disability claim has been denied. Now you’re left wondering what to do next. Don’t lose hope! There are still options; a disability lawyer may be the key to getting your claim approved. With their expertise and understanding of Social Security law, a lawyer can identify where your case went wrong and build the strongest appeal. Research shows that those with representation are more likely to receive benefits. This article will cover why you need a lawyer after a denial, how they get paid, and what makes a good disability lawyer. Let’s dig into the steps to get the benefits you deserve!

How a Disability Lawyer Can Help With Your Denied Claim

Social Security denies many claims initially, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a legitimate case. The good news is, you have the right to appeal. However, the appeals process can be complex and overwhelming. This is where a disability lawyer comes in. They have years of experience working with Social Security and know how to navigate the system effectively.

Common Reasons for Denial

The SSA may deny your claim for several reasons, including lack of medical evidence, failure to meet the SSA’s definition of disability, or earning too much income. But denials are often issued in error. The SSA process is complex, and conditions like chronic illnesses or mental health issues can be hard to evaluate.

Appealing Your Decision

Thankfully, the appeals process gives you another chance. You have 60 days after receiving your denial letter to file an appeal. It’s best to hire an attorney to help navigate this process. They can gather additional medical evidence, re-evaluate your conditions, and make a strong case for why you meet the SSA’s criteria.

Don’t Give Up Hope

While waiting for your appeal, continue seeing doctors, go to therapy, and keep records of your limitations and symptoms. New medical evidence is critical. Even if denied again on appeal, you can go before an administrative law judge. Many claims are approved at this stage, so stay determined and keep fighting. You deserve to get the benefits you need. With time and persistence, you have a good chance of prevailing.

FAQs: Answering Common Questions About Disability Lawyers

A denial of your disability claim can be frustrating and upsetting. However, don’t give up hope just yet. Hiring an experienced disability lawyer to help appeal the decision is often the key to eventually getting the benefits you deserve.  

They Know the System 

Disability lawyers understand the complex Social Security system and laws inside and out. They know the criteria needed to qualify for benefits under your specific condition. They are familiar with commonly cited reasons for denials and how to address them. They can build a strong case to present during your appeal with their expertise.

They Can Gather Additional Evidence

A disability lawyer will review your claim and medical records then work to obtain any additional evidence needed to support your case. This may include statements from your doctors, therapists, family and friends regarding your condition and limitations. They can also request updated medical exams or tests if needed.  All of this helps to provide a more complete picture of your situation.

They Represent You at Hearings

If your case goes before an administrative law judge at a hearing, your disability lawyer will represent you.  They can question witnesses, argue to refute any testimony that hurts your case, and make a persuasive closing statement as to why you should be awarded benefits. Having a disability lawyer advocate for you at this stage greatly increases your chances of finally being approved.   

Final Thoughts

While the appeals process can be long, hiring a disability lawyer is often the key to ultimately getting the Social Security disability benefits you need and deserve. With their expertise and advocacy, you have the best chance of navigating the system successfully.

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