Comprehensive Guide On New York Car Shipping Service- How To Ship A Car 

NEWSComprehensive Guide On New York Car Shipping Service- How...

You are planning to relocate and wondering how to get your car to your new location? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into New York auto transport, exploring the process, the cost, and even tips to help you save on shipping. We’ve got you covered whether you’re considering open transport, enclosed transport, or any other shipping service. So, let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know about New York car shipping.

Choose The Reputed Auto Transport Service

In the era of the internet, where everyone searches online, you will get many search results if you are searching for an auto transport company online. If you have already shipped your vehicle, it will be easy for you to choose a trustworthy auto transport company, but shipping for the first time might be a challenging task. Don’t worry. Below, we have shared a few points to consider when looking for an auto transport company.

  • The first and most important thing to consider when selecting an auto transport company is to ensure it is registered and experienced.
  • Look for the customer reviews to learn more about the company and its services.
  • Check for the auto transport services they offer and whether they offer the services you need.
  • Check and verify the payment options.
  • Read the shipping contract, terms, and conditions of the company.

Types Of Auto Transport Services in New York

An auto transport company offers several car shipping services, such as open, enclosed, door to door, and military shipping services. Below is a table that shows the types of auto transport services and their explanations.

Shipping Services Explanations
Open transport Cost-effective car shipping option and the vehicle will be shipped in an open trailer.
Enclosed transport Enclosed is a trailer with high-security features and the best transport for the shipment of luxury and high-value vehicles.
Door to Door shipping Vehicles will be picked up from your doorstep, and the driver will deliver to your preferred address.
Terminal to Terminal shipping The vehicle will be picked up from a terminal point and then dropped off at the terminal point.
Expedited shipping Expensive car transport with guaranteed and safe pickups and vehicle delivery, used in case of urgency.
Military shipping It is used by the military or armed forces, and an auto transport company offers shipping discounts.
Cross country shipping Used to ship cars or vehicles from one state to another.
Auction car shipping Used by those who have purchased a vehicle from auctions and want to transport it to their location.
Snowbird shipping It is used by snowbirds or seasonal travelers who must transport their vehicles between summer and winter.
Heavy equipment shipping It is used to transport heavy machinery such as farm and construction equipment.

Car Transportation process

  • Contact the car transport company and get the auto shipping quote.
  • Once you have got the quote that meets your expectations, book and schedule the shipment of your car.
  • Prepare your vehicle.
  • The driver will come to your address and load your vehicle in a trailer.
  • On the day of delivery, get your vehicle.

Safest Way To Transport Your Car

Enclosed car transport is the safest way to ship a vehicle and the best method for shipping luxury, classic, and premium cars because it offers high security and protects your vehicles from rain, snow, dust, and damage. This is the most popular choice for those who own luxury and premium cars.

Car Transport Cost & Its Factors

Many factors affect the shipping cost. The average cost of car shipping usually ranges between $500 and $1500, sometimes more. Factors that affect the shipping cost include vehicle type, distance, time, etc. Below, we have shared a few factors that affect shipping costs. They are the following.

  • Total shipping distance between the pickups and the delivery location.
  • The size, weight, and model of the vehicle.
  • Route and location of the shipping.
  • Shipping time frame.
  • The transport type you have selected is between the open and enclosed transport.
  • Fuel cost.

Factors Affecting The Time To Ship A Car

When planning for transportation in New York, there will be a lot of questions in your mind about how long it will take to ship a car, what the process will be, its cost, etc. Various factors affect the duration of the shipping. They are the following,

  •  Distance

The time taken for the shipment depends on the pickup and delivery locations. A longer distance will take more time than a short distance, and the transportation of a vehicle from New York to California takes two to three days.

  • Shipping locations

Pickup and delivery locations are considered when determining the shipping time. Urban areas are easy, and the driver will transport your car on time, but it is hard to transport it in rural areas.

  • Weather conditions

Weather conditions affect shipping time. Rainfall, snowfall, thunderstorms, etc., may cause delays in shipping because the driver has to deliver your car safely.

  • Shipping route and its traffic

Shipping routes and their traffic affect the shipping duration, and close roads, road traffic, or construction may delay the car shipment.

  • Transportation methods

Open transport is the fastest and the most cost-effective way to ship a car, but if you want to transport your car with an open car transport and want to reduce the shipping duration, then you should have to book the shipment in advance.

Save On Car Transport Cost

  • Book the shipment of your car in advance. It will not only help you to get the right trailer for your car but will also help you to save money.
  • Gather auto-shipping quotes from different companies and compare them. This will help you get the best deal for your car.
  • Be flexible with the date and time of shipping and avoid using expedited car transport services.
  • Using open transport, which is open transport with the terminal to terminal shipping, will save money.
  • You have to check for discounts and prepare your vehicle.
  • Ship your vehicle during the off-season.

What To Do Before The Shipment?

After you select the auto transport company, you must prepare your vehicle for transportation. Preparing your vehicle will help you save it securely and enjoy peace of mind with the best and smoothest car shipping service.

  • Clean your car and remove all the personal items and other belongings from inside the car.
  • If your car has an alarm system, then disable it.
  • Check for the battery, tires, etc., and reduce the fuel level of your car by up to a quarter to remove the vehicle’s weight.
  • Inspect your car properly and complete the documentation.
  • Lock and cover the car.

What To Do After The Shipment?

Once you get your car, you must follow some important points to ensure its safe delivery.

  • As soon as you get your vehicle, inspect it carefully.
  • If you have shipped your vehicle with accessories, you should check it out and ensure your personal belongings are secure.
  • Inspect your car, and after the inspection, give feedback to the driver or to the company. Read the contract paper carefully, and then sign it.

Tips to Ship Your Car Fast

From the above-mentioned factor, we now know that car shipping time also expires, but we have shared a few points that will help you transport your car safely and reduce the shipping cost.

  • If you want to transport your car on time and don’t want to delay the shipment, it is best to book the shipment of your vehicle in advance.
  • You should have to get ready with your car and complete everything before the shipment.
  • Choose open transport because it is the fastest way to ship a car.
  • If you are looking for a safe and fast car shipping service, choose expedited car shipping.


If you are shipping your car to another state, you should consider all the things mentioned above. Whether you are relocating or want to transport your vehicle to or from New York, hiring the best car shipping company and its services is smooth and easy. It provides convenience and peace of mind, which comes with the best and most secure transportation of your car.


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