Butterfly Knives: Beyond the Flips – Utility and Artistry Unveiled

NEWSButterfly Knives: Beyond the Flips – Utility and Artistry...

The butterfly knife is a pocket knife that has two rotating handles that cover the blade. With this knife, you can demonstrate your impressive blade-flipping abilities.

Some people think this knife is merely for show, though, because of the way the blades fan out and rotate. So, do Balisong knives serve a purpose or are they purely decorative? In this article we are going to deal with butterfly knife and also we will learn about various types of butterfly knives.

What is a butterfly knife?

The balisong, also known as a fan knife, butterfly knife, or Batangas knife, is a folding pocket knife that was created in the Philippines. One of its unique features is that it has two handles that counter rotate around the tang so that, when closed, the blade is hidden inside the handles’ grooves. A latch is sometimes used to keep the handles together; it is usually mounted on the one facing the cutting edge (the “bite handle”). A balisword refers to an exceptionally large balisong.

The balisong was a common pocket utility knife and defensive tool used by Filipinos, particularly those from the Tagalog region. In the Philippines, before conventional razors were introduced, people also used hollow-grind balisongs as straight razors. The knife blade can be swiftly brought to bear with one hand in the hands of an experienced user. “Flipping” refers to manipulations carried out for entertainment or artistic purposes. These knives also come in blunt “trainer” versions that allow you to practice maneuvers without worrying about getting hurt.

How to Flip a butterfly knife?

Beginning users may find it challenging to handle a butterfly knife due to its somewhat unusual mechanism. However, the simplest butterfly knife trick is to flip it, which even a beginner can learn and perform. We teach you how to perfectly flip a balisong.

Simply flick your wrist back while holding the knife by its secure handle. After that, flip the knife backward and raise it again by opening your thumb. Your flip trick is complete when your thumb is closed over both handles!

Type of butterfly knife

There are multiple type of butterfly knife, given below are the list of few of them are:-


The Benchmade 99 Necron features a timeless design that pays homage to its heritage while adding a fun surprise. It has no latch, is extremely adjustable, and is balanced. The handle is a striking ruby red with gold accents, and it includes detachable tungsten weights and extensions. The scimitar blade shape is one of our favorites and works well with the design. This high-performance butterfly knife is all about flipping, and it comes in two versions that can be customized. The classic Bali-Song form and additional features pay homage to Benchmade’s heritage.


The mechanism of the Boker Plus Balisong Trainer is identical to that of a genuine butterfly knife, but the dummy installed in place of a blade clearly distinguishes it as a training device. The stainless steel blade is rounded on the edges and has circular recesses to distinguish it from sharply ground blades.


The Squiddy-U is the most recent addition to Squid’s line of high-performance balisong trainers. The Squiddy-U is like its other Squiddy brothers. It is a light, tough, and well-balanced balisong trainer for people of all ages and skill levels. The Squiddy-U’s O-ring noise suppression system distinguishes it from the rest of the crew. If you want to flip near-silently, this trainer is for you.

Tricks with Butterfly Knives

Once you have learned the basics of safety, you can start practicing some basic tricks. Here are a few easy tricks to get you started:

  • The Thumb Roll: This is a little but useful tip to help you get used to the feel of the knife. To execute the thumb roll, hold the knife in your dominant hand with the blade pointing up. Grasp the knife with your index finger and place your thumb on its spine to open it. When the knife rotates in your hand, it should come to rest in the open position.
  • The Aerial: This move is more difficult and takes more practice. With the blade pointing up, grip the knife in your dominant hand to do the aerial. Catch the knife in the open position by flicking it high into the air.
  • The Chaplin: This is a neat move that gives the impression that you are circling your finger with the knife. With the blade facing down, grip the knife in your dominant hand to perform the Chaplin maneuver. Grasp the knife’s spine with your index finger and flick it upwards with your thumb. After revolving around your index finger, the knife should be in the open position.
  • The Wrist Pass:. The knife may be opened and closed using this simple technique. With the blade pointing up, hold the knife in your dominant hand to perform the wrist pass. Grab the knife handle next to the pivot pin with your free hand. Your wrist will flick forward to release the knife. Just turn the procedure around to shut the knife.

In conclusion

Lastly, the balisong knife, sometimes referred to as the Butterfly knife, is a multipurpose instrument with roots in Filipino martial arts that is used for purposes other than acrobatics. While caution is advised, its diverse designs accommodate a wide range of skill levels, providing both instructional opportunities and practical utility in addition to simple tricks.

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