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Boost Engagement with These Top Free Popup Templates for Your Website

Despite the great conversion and sales rates, marketing teams will constantly look for ways to increase user engagement with the product. And while many puzzle over the ways to invent the wheel, the answer is on the surface. Popup notifications still convert and raise the client’s interest in your offer.

Creating popup messages doesn’t necessarily require coding another set of features for your website. With free popup templates already existing, you can drag and drop this element and customize it to your business needs. So, what exactly can you expect from free popup notification templates? Find out below.

Why Still Consider Using Popup Widgets?

Popup notifications can sound annoying and intrusive. This might happen if these interactive website elements don’t bring unique value, don’t appear at the right time, or provide helpful information. But if all these points are well-thought, the results might surprise you.

The iPaper study reveals astonishing numbers regarding popup effectiveness: the conversion rate of newcomers seeing a popup ad or message from an unknown brand equals 11%. If we talk about repeat customers, it reaches 28%. So, while you still consider giving a shot to free popup templates for your website, other brands are already seeing the fruits of this profitable idea.


Benefits of Free Popup Templates

Popup messages don’t have to take you out of your business process and require much time to create. With multiple free popup notification prototypes, you can shape your unique idea into a message and post it on the website without delay. These are the advantages of considering free versions of popups.

They Are Cost-Effective

The most obvious advantage of free popup templates is that you don’t have to pay for them. For startup companies on the rise, budget constraints can be daunting. But even for big enterprises, having the possibility to try without investment is a huge benefit. Whatever the result is (spoiler: you will get a good one), you risk nothing.

They Are Diverse

The variety of free popup templates is vast. Whether you want to insert a personalized countdown timer, fit the Easter theme, announce a spring sale, or shape the message into any design idea, you can do so with the free template for popup notifications. Their diversity also applies to the purpose of the message. Informing about upcoming events, promoting products, offering discounts, gathering email addresses, and any other messages can be sent via a free popup prototype.

They Are Customizable

Yes, even these free website widgets can be tailored to your needs. For example, you can choose the appropriate color or the launcher option in your popup notification. Indeed, for more advanced customization, you will need to select among paid versions; however, even free versions will serve their purpose effectively on your website. 

They Are Easy to Implement

If you see a suitable popup template idea, you can insert it on your site without alteration. This will take a minimum of your time and will not require deep expertise from developers. 

Tips for Boosting User Engagement with Free Popup Template Ideas

Interaction with a user is a complicated topic these days, as it includes multiple aspects. So, placing the most suitable free popup template is insufficient to expect an increased engagement rate. You need to calculate all other sides to make the puzzles a complete image. Consider these aspects when placing popup widgets on your website:

  • Time. Being in the right place at the right time is a precious experience. In this case, the success of the interaction depends on you. Be relevant with your notifications. Research your audience to find the most suitable moment to pop up with the idea.
  • Clarity. Brevity and enthusiasm are the laws of successful popup messages. The structure of this notification has a culmination — call-to-action button. Your task is to make it concise and eye-catching.
  • Compatibility. People use diverse devices to browse the sites. So, you need to make your popups compatible with mobile and desktop versions, as you don’t want your messages to be lost because of this.
  • Unobtrusiveness. Even the most attractive offer can fail in a customer’s eyes if it interferes with browsing activity. Make your popup messages easy to close. We all know how annoying it is to click on that tiny cross symbol to eliminate useless information.
  • Interactiveness. A little game will never be excessive. The spirit of excitement can boost users’ interest at certain times. Don’t you like to spin the wheel? And when it is rewarded with a discount, the game gets more exciting. 

Free Popup Templates: Final Words

One way to increase engagement is to create unique and valuable popup messages. But the process might be even more straightforward than it sounds with free popup templates. Using already-created prototypes of popup notifications can save you time and budget and give you a chance to make a personalized popup message solution that suits your business needs.

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