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5 Surefire Ways to Prepare Your Home For A Pest Inspection

Maintaining your home’s safety and health also depends on frequent pest inspections, notes KRS Holdings Tidewater Management. But the question is, how do you prepare your home for it?

In this informative blog post, we’re going to share some of the must-follow tips that will help you prepare your home for pest inspection. So, you can prevent pest problems before they get worse. 

1. Take Time from the Reliable Pest Inspector

Scheduling reliable building and pest inspections for peace of mind is the very first step when it comes to preparing your home for pest inspection. You need to consider the right time for it – usually daylight hours – so that your inspector can evaluate your home thoroughly. 

Be sure about the safety of your family members and pets. Think about relocating your kids and pets to your relatives’ home or any other safe place to avoid accidents and disruptions. What’s more, beware of inspection scams, which are more common in today’s world full of hustle and bustle. 

Don’t forget to double-check the credentials and license and also read reviews of your intended building and pest inspector. This way, you can ensure getting a service from a legitimate and trusted resource, resulting in a satisfying inspection process. 

2. Free-Up and Provide Easy-to-Accessible Areas

Always provide your inspector easy access to the most significant spaces where the chances of pests hide and entrance are maximum. Such spaces include basements, attics, crawl spaces, and in-use rooms. 

You should go for cleaning and decluttering your space, rearrange furniture, or set aside storage items that might be the major cause of areas’ blockage. If you do so, it will help your pest inspector during the entire inspection process so that there won’t be any overlooked pest habitat. 

Additionally, you also need to pay attention to the most neglected areas of your home, such as storage rooms or rarely used corners of the house. Hence, the pest inspection expert can easily navigate these areas, which may result in a pest-free home. 

3. Focus On Must-Consider Safety Measures 

Focusing on the safety of your inspector and the well-being of your family members at home is the wisest move. You need to ensure that all the walkways and would-be inspection spaces are free from all obstacles, which will prevent work accidents. 

If you get to know that any chemicals and baits can be used during the pest inspection process, then you should discuss it with your home inspector in advance. This way, you can ensure the safety of your children and pets, too. 

When they start working, you must maintain a distance from them and be sure to wear protective gear. In other words, investing your time and resources in proper preparation and safety awareness is best for a hassle-free and secure inspection process.

4. Don’t Forget to Implement Preventative Measures

Engaging yourself in some must-follow preventative measures before hiring a professional pest inspection is highly essential. The most crucial aspect of doing so is to keep your kitchen spotless. 

Store edible items in food containers and dispose of garbage on a regular basis. Be focused on minimizing the clutter from your home so that there won’t be any space where pests can hide themselves. 

When we talk about exterior home improvement, it’s more prone to pest infestation. That’s why it’s necessary to seal any cracks and eliminate standing water before the arrival of the pest inspector. So they can navigate more easily and identify the spots where pests are hidden and damaging your home’s structure. 

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